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    Patio Doors in Winnipeg: Replacement & Installation [2024 guide]

    Feb 4, 2016

    May 31, 2024

    9 min read


    When replacing windows most homeowners in Winnipeg decide to replacement patio doors at the same time, to do the job once and get maximum value out of exterior renovation project.

    In many ways a patio door is built, and functions just like vinyl windows do. It is common for patio doors today to include all the additional features that come with your new windows and match similar levels of energy performance when compared to your new windows.

    But what should you know about them before signing your patio door replacement contract? How efficient are modern patio doors? Are the safe? What are the standard patio door sizes? What style will work best for your house design?

    In this complete guide, our expert team covers all these questions and provides valuable insights for you to feel well-informed when replacing and installing new sliding glass doors for your house in Winnipeg.

    What Are Patio Doors?

    In simple words, patio doors are any entry units that provide access to your garden or patio from your home. A sliding glass door usually come as a 2 sections unit, where one part is fixed and one is operable. There are also configurations for three and four-panel patio doors on the market today.

    Usually, they can accommodate any standard or custom-sized openings up to 12 feet in width. Moreover, every patio door from a reliable exterior doors company in Winnipeg, should come with a sliding screen door.

    Sliding Patio Doors: Types & Styles

    2-panel patio doors 3-panel patio doors 4-panel patio doors Bifold patio doors
    2 panel patio door 3 panel patio door 4 panel patio door folding panel patio door
    A standard two-panel patio door consists of two panels. One of them is fixed, and the other is operating – it slides along the horizontal track, opening a door half the width of its size. A 3-panel sliding patio door consists of one operating panel and two fixed ones. You can choose which panel you want to open according to your preference. A 4-panel patio door consists of two moving panels in the center and two fixed panels on the sides. Such units significantly enlarge the entrance space. A folding patio door is a multi-panel unit, which can include from 3 to 8 panels depending on the design. They fold back onto each other like an accordion.

    French Doors: What Are They?

    When shopping for new patio doors, sliding glass doors are not your only choice. Many homeowners in Winnipeg prefer French series patio doors, a.k.a garden doors.

    Garden doors are your traditional patio models that operate just like standard exterior doors and provide a wide entrance to your patio, ensuring maximum ventilation, natural light and a classic appearance.

    Sliding Glass Doors vs. Garden Doors – What to Choose for Your Patio?

    A big debate when it comes to replacing the door at the back of your house is whether you should get patio doors and or garden french doors.

    The argument for garden doors is that they are more efficient and secure compared to sliding doors. While the materials they are made out of definitely give them an edge, that doesn’t mean patio doors don’t meet efficiency requirements for Winnipeg climate.

    Security is also something that patio doors have caught up on. A modern patio door is nearly impossible to open without breaking the glass.

    A big advantage patio doors have over garden doors, is that they can be left fully or partially open. Because garden doors function like a regular door, there is no screen preventing the insects from entering when the door is open.

    Sliding patio doors come standard with a screen. Much like a safety latch in a slider window, a kick lock in the patio door allows you to naturally ventilate the room, while keeping the door locked in a partially opened position.

    Patio Doors Replacement in Winnipeg: Energy Efficiency

    Unlike entry doors that are made of steel and wood, patio doors are made from the same materials as your windows: mainly glass and vinyl. The insulated glass unit in both a window and patio door is the part that accounts for most of the efficiency and prevents warm air from escaping your home. Because patio doors have a greater glass surface area, they offer comparable levels of energy efficiency.

    Just like the windows you buy, patio doors should also adhere to an Energy Star rating. Energy Star outlines performance criteria for fenestration products based on local climate requirements.

    In order to be efficient in Winnipeg, all patio doors must have a minimum ER rating of 34. This ensures your windows and patio doors will keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold Manitoba winter.

    For a full list of Energy Star rated windows and doors check out this Natural Resources Canada website.

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    Sliding Patio Doors in Winnipeg: Standard and Custom Sizes

    Patio doors generally come in several standard sizes, based on the width of the opening.

    • If you are replacing an old patio door with a new one your opening is probably ready to accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door.
    • If you are looking to create or enlarge an opening from an existing window, the job often requires walls to be cut, which can add significantly to the cost of your replacement.

    To match your budget and complete the work efficiently, most sliding door companies in Winnipeg recommend that the patio door you get is the same size as your existing ones. However, at Ecoline we can supply and install sliding doors of any size to fit your home renovation project.

    Take a look at the table below to find the most common standards for patio door replacement:

    Width (inches)Height (inches)
    59 1/279 1/2
    58 1/279 1/2
    59 1/281 1/2
    59 1/295 1/2
    71 1/279 1/2
    71 1/281 1/2
    71 1/295 1/2
    70 1/279 1/2
    95 1/279 1/2
    95 1/281 1/2
    95 1/295 1/2

    Sliding Glass Doors and Home Safety

    Traditionally, patio doors had one big disadvantage: they didn’t offer much in terms of security. Of course, with a glass door you not only run the risk of a quick break-in, but a potential crook can also see whether anyone is at home or even the room they’re going to target. Old rolling doors were also easy to pop off the track, rendering them useless.

    As the window industry in North America began adapting and advancing the vinyl technology, a lot of smart features got invented and put in place into patio doors as well.

    Today, any sliding door can come with one or several of these additional security features:

    • Key Lock
    • Kick Lock
    • Security Bar
    • Patio Door Handle with Lock
    • Double Mortise Lock
    • Nightlock
    • Bolt Lock

    What’s the Cost of Patio Doors in Winnipeg?

    Standard size patio doors range in cost between 1500-3500$ based on the features and additional upgrades you might want to consider. This approximate price also factors in the cost of patio doors installation.

    As we mentioned, expanding the opening to accommodate a bigger size door, can add significantly to final patio door cost.

    It is also possible to manufacture custom sized patio door, but again the price becomes much higher. Even if you are considering a cut-out or expanding a window into a patio door, in the interest of saving some money, most patio door companies would recommend getting a standard size sliding door.

    You can also use our patio door replacement calculator online to check the approximate price ranges for the model you choose in Winnipeg, based on the specific features and options you want to equip your new sliding glass doors with. Please note that give price ranges are not precise.


    How long does it take to install patio doors?

    As a rule, installation of sliding glass doors takes several hours if performed by experienced installers. This does not include the time to select, manufacture, and deliver your unit. French doors are installed even faster.

    What is the difference between French doors and sliding patio doors?

    Sliding patio doors differ from French ones primarily in the way they open. French doors are hinged units swinging outward, while sliding patio doors glide left or right along the rail to open

    When is it time to consider replacing patio doors?

    Sliding patio doors stand out by their durability. With proper use and care, an average patio door may serve you up to 25-30 years without the need for significant maintenance or repair.

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