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    Patio Doors Replacement in Saskatoon: All You Should Know [2024]

    Jan 6, 2017

    May 30, 2024

    9 min read


    When shopping for new windows in Saskatoon, many homeowners consider replacing their patio doors as well. Most Canadian window companies also sell and install patio doors. That’s because modern sliding doors are put together in a similar fashion to vinyl windows. They have similar insulating glass units and are installed using similar techniques.

    In today’s post Ecoline’s experts share valuable insights about choosing the best patio doors, their pros and cons, special features and price ranges. If you are interested in transforming your home while increasings its value and curb appeal, installing patio doors is the way to go. Interested? Keep reading!

    What Are Patio Doors?

    In a nutshell, sliding glass doors usually consist of two sections, a fixed one and a moving one. It is also possible to custom manufacture configurations for three and four-panel patio doors on the market today.

    Usually, they can accommodate any standard or custom-sized openings up to 12 feet in width and are available with double or triple pane glass. Moreover, every patio door from a reliable exterior doors company in Saskatoon, should come with a sliding screen door.

    Sliding Patio Doors: Types & Styles

    Contemporary patio doors usually come in 2 main types: sliding glass doors and French doors. While the French series are just classic garden patio doors that are hinged on the sides and operate like a standard entry door, sliding glass doors are also divided into many more styles based on the number of panels they have:

    • 2-panel sliding patio doors. The most basic single patio door has 1 fixed unit and 1 operable. A classic choice for most homeowners because of their affordability, style, high energy efficiency and versatility.
    • A 3-panel patio door is designed with three panels instead of the standard two. This kind of patio door has two fixed panels on either side, with the middle panel able to glide open to either the left side or the right side, but not both at once.
    • For a 4-panel patio door, there are four panels in the whole unit. This design makes it possible for either the outer panels to slide towards the fixed centre panels in a way that would create two entrances on either side of the patio door or for the two centre panels to slide separately towards the fixed panels on either side. 
    • Bi-fold patio doors. These unique sliding door solutions usually occupy the entire house wall and provide maximum natural light and the best views outside.

    Patio doors can also be customised with 5 or 6 panels, but this is usually not the client’s ultimate choice.

    Patio Doors vs. Garden Doors – What to Choose for Your Home?

    A big debate when it comes to replacing the door at the back of your house is whether you should get patio doors or garden french doors.

    • The argument for garden doors is that they are more efficient and secure compared to sliding doors. While the materials they are made out of definitely give them an edge, that doesn’t mean sliding doors don’t still meet efficiency requirements for coldest zones in our country.
    • A big advantage sliding doors have over garden doors is that they can be left fully or partially open. Because garden doors function like a regular door, there is no screen preventing the insects from entering when the door is open.

    Much like a safety latch in a slider window, a kick lock in the sliding patio doors allows you to naturally ventilate the room while keeping the door locked in a partially opened position.

    Patio Doors Replacement in Saskatoon: Energy Efficiency

    Unlike entry doors that are made of steel, wood and glass, new patio doors are made from the same materials as your windows: glass and vinyl. The insulated glass unit in both a window and a patio door is the part that accounts for most of the efficiency and prevents warm air from escaping your home.

    Because sliding doors have a greater glass surface area, they offer efficiency levels that are comparable to vinyl windows. Modern windows and patio doors are actually designed to capture and trap warmth from the Sun.  In the winter time, the energy loss through the patio door is offset by additional heat gains.

    • Just like the windows you buy, sliding glass doors should have an Energy Star rating. In order to be considered efficient in Saskatoon, all sliding patio doors must have a minimum ER rating of 34. Getting ENERGY STAR rated products ensures your windows and patio doors will keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold Saskatchewan climate.

    For a full list of Energy Star rated windows and doors check out this Natural Resources Canada website.

    Sliding Glass Door Installation: Standard Sizes in Saskatoon

    Patio doors generally come in several standard sizes, based on the width of the opening.

    • If you are replacing an old door with a new one, your opening can already accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door.
    • If you are looking to create or enlarge an opening from an existing window, the job often requires walls to be cut, which can add significantly to the cost of your replacement.

    To match your budget and complete the work efficiently, most sliding door companies in Saskatoon recommend that the patio door you get is the same size as your existing ones. Take a look at the table below to find the most common standards for patio door replacement:

    Width (inches) Height (inches)
    59 1/2 79 1/2
    58 1/2 79 1/2
    59 1/2 81 1/2
    59 1/2 95 1/2
    71 1/2 79 1/2
    71 1/2 81 1/2
    71 1/2 95 1/2
    70 1/2 79 1/2
    95 1/2 79 1/2
    95 1/2 81 1/2
    95 1/2 95 1/2

    Patio Doors and Home Safety in Saskatoon

    Traditionally, patio doors had one big disadvantage: they didn’t offer much in terms of security. With a glass door, you don’t just run the risk of a quick break-in, a potential crook can also see whether anyone is at home or even in the room they’re going to target. Old rolling doors were also easy to pop off the track, rendering them useless.

    As the window industry in North America began advancing vinyl technology, a lot of smart features got put into patio doors as well. Today, any sliding door can come with one or several of these additional security features:

    • Key Lock
    • Kick Lock
    • Security Bar
    • Patio Door Handle with Lock
    • Double Mortise Lock
    • Nightlock
    • Bolt Lock

    Although a key lock is one of the more popular choices for sliding door security, it isn’t always offered as a standard feature. If you are getting a patio door with your window order, be sure to clarify exactly what features it comes with.

    Patio Door Installation: Prices in Saskatoon

    Standard size patio doors range in cost between 1500-3500$ based on the features and additional upgrades you might want to consider.

    Expanding the opening to accommodate a bigger size door can add significantly to the cost of your replacement. It is also possible to manufacture custom sized patio door, but again the price becomes much higher than with the standard option. Even if you are considering a cut-out or expanding a window, in the interest of saving some money, consider getting a standard size patio door.

    You can also use our patio door replacement calculator online to check the approximate price ranges for the model you choose in Regina, based on the specific features and options you want to equip your new sliding glass doors with. Please note that give price ranges are not precise.


    Are patio doors energy efficient?

    Modern patio doors in Saskatoon are made of glass and vinyl, similar to vinyl windows. They are energy-efficient enough for local weather conditions. For optimal energy efficiency, look for Energy Star-certified doors with a minimum ER rating of 34.

    How secure are sliding patio doors compared to other door types?

    Sliding patio doors in Saskatoon now come with enhanced security features such as key locks and kick locks. These features prevent easy break-ins and allow you to ventilate your room while keeping the door partially locked, making modern sliding doors a secure option for your home.

    How much do new patio doors cost in Saskatoon?

    Standard-size patio doors in Saskatoon typically cost between $1500 and $35000. Custom sizes or expanding an existing opening can significantly increase the cost. To save money, consider choosing a standard-size door that fits your current opening.

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