Replacement Windows Edmonton: Ecoline Windows Project Pictures

May 6, 2016

Mar 5, 2024

3 min read


What does a window installation look like while it’s happening? Most homeowners won’t know until the day their windows arrive at the house. But in the interest of getting the highest quality product and installation, it is good to do some research prior to getting a window quote.

At Ecoline Windows, we document each project to make sure that we will be able to service our clients better if warranty issues arise in the future. Today we wanted to share with you some highlights from a recent replacement windows Edmonton project we’ve done.

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For the following window replacement project, we installed 8 full-frame replacement windows, patio door, vinyl jamb, vinyl casing, and the 2 bathroom windows with sycamore frosted glass.

After signing a contract it usually takes 2 months to order the windows and schedule the installation day.


Installers arrive in the morning between 9-11am.

Old windows are removed in order to receive new vinyl windows.

When a window installer removes the old window in the kitchen any professional installer, in order to prevent damage, will make sure to cover the counter top with a drop sheet. When the job involves cutting, in order to prevent dust, it is a proper practice to have one of the installers vacuum while the other is performing the cutting work.

All old windows are removed up to the stud in a full frame replacement installation. During winter installation in order to prevent a home being exposed to the cold, the old window is removed and the new one is installed immediately in its place.

New windows with vinyl brickmoulds are installed into the rough opening.

Pre-cut shims are used in order to level the window. They minimize deflection, distortion, and rotation of the frame and permit proper operation of the window.

Polyurethane foam functions as both an air and thermal barrier. This prevents draft and keeps the home warm.

Sealant is added on the outside unit to act as part of the air barrier. It keeps moisture out of the home, and prevents drafts and air leakage to the outside.

A look from the inside. Newly installed vinyl window with vinyl jamb and vinyl casing.

Installation includes removal and installation of a patio door.

Old aluminum 6ft patio door is removed.

New vinyl patio door is installed into the opening.

Fully installed new patio door, including a bug screen.

Awning bathroom window with sycamore glass in the process of installation.

At the end of the installation a professional window installer will clean all the debris inside and outside, including vacuuming and disposal of old windows.