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Jul 11, 2022

Feb 28, 2024

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After long winter days, when sunny days come up, we want to keep the doors open and let in plenty of warm breezes. However, fresh air gets into your house along with pesky bugs and dust that fills the cities in Canada. Screen doors are perfect for enjoying the spring breeze and keeping your home insect-free.

If you’re installing a new front door and want to make it more functional, consider adding an exterior screen door. In Canada, it can be an indispensable upgrade for your home. Modern screen doors are functional, comfortable, and customizable. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and styles of front screen doors and why you should consider including one in your cottage.

What Is A Screen Door?

The screen door is precisely what its name means –  a unit with a screen panel covering the main door. Virtually every modern front door has a screen door mount. The primary purpose was as a fly screen, but the mesh door also prevents snakes, spiders, mice, and other pests from entering when the door is open for ventilation.

There are two main types of exterior screen doors depending on how they operate:

  • A traditional hinged screen door opens on the opposite side of the main door. So if your front door opens inward, the screen door opens outward.
  • A retractable screen door that moves away from the doorway instead of swinging in or out. The screen is placed in the cassette on one side and can be pulled from side to side through the opening or retracted into the cassette.

Retractable units are more versatile than swinging screen doors. They fit all types of doors, including single, double (French), and sliding ones, and therefore are a more popular option among homeowners.

Retractable Screen Features

A – Front panel mounting simplifies screen door installation while providing full walk-through space.

B – The secure glide system ensures that the screen slides in and out smoothly without slams.

C – Fiberglass mesh can be completely retracted if required

D – Convenient one-handed operation thanks to reliable hardware

E – Stainless construction

F – Easily adjustable track

G – Door sill for increased reliability

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    Screen Door Style Choices

    Custom screen doors are available in various design options to suit all architectural needs.

    Screen Door Configuration

    • Single screen doors

    Single screen doors are a great option for single entry and back doors. They allow for excellent air circulation, enhancing the comfort of your home. When opened, retractable screen doors do not create additional barriers and do not take up space outside or inside.

    • Double screen doors

    Double retractable screen doors fit perfectly for big openings. It is a good match for French or sliding patio doors of a large size. They provide full space coverage when the doors are completely open and can also only provide shielding on one side when needed. When not in use, they do not interfere with the view. With double screen doors, you get maximum ventilation and daylight without bugs intrusion.

    screen doors

    Material Considerations

    The effectiveness of screens depends on the weave density and the strength of the mesh material.

    • Vinyl-coated fibreglass mesh is the preferred standard for screen doors in Canada. They are durable, strong, and budget-friendly.
    • Aluminum wire is another standard option. Metal screen doors are only slightly stronger than fibreglass ones, but there is no significant difference in performance between them.

    Vinyl-coated screen doors with fibreglass mesh tend to sell better than those with aluminum mesh because they are typically more affordable.

    Colour Options

    A screen door is an important part of your exterior. Screen doors should fit harmoniously into the overall design without blocking the decorative elements of the front door and keeping up its style. This is why they tend to come in neutral colours.

    The most sought-after options are brown, black, and white screen doors. They are easy to match with the overall colour scheme of the exterior and will not catch the eye when not needed.

    However, we are always ready to discuss colour options if you want to go beyond just white or black screen doors.

    When You Need Screen Doors?

    Screen doors for front doors provide many benefits. It is a useful addition but not something mandatory for all homeowners. That’s when you might really need a screen door:

    1. When you don’t need a storm door but want extra light.

    When most houses’ doors were wooden, installing a storm door was necessary to keep the interior warm and protect the front door from the effects of rain and snow. Today, steel and fiberglass doors have become more common than their wooden counterparts. Being more energy-efficient and less demanding to maintain, they do not require the installation of a storm door.

    When you don’t want to install a storm door but are looking to be able to safely open the front door and have an additional source of light and ventilation, consider screen doors replacement.

    2. When you want to increase air circulation in your home without bugs.

    Indoor air quality can significantly affect how you feel. When your house is closed, or you don’t have enough windows, you breathe the same recirculated air over and over again. This can lead to new diseases or aggravate existing ones. Screen doors are a cheap, simple, and fast way to improve ventilation. Instead of increasing windows or adding new ones, you can simply open the door to let in a fresh breeze while keeping insects outside.

    3. When you need to manage your kids and pets.

    A screen door is an excellent solution if you have a solid front door and want to keep an eye on children playing outside.

    Also, retractable screen doors are great with pets and can be a great alternative if you don’t have a pet door. With their help, it will be easy for you to let your pet in and out.

    4. When you want to add home value.

    Even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, making it more attractive to potential buyers makes sense. High-quality screen doors add value to your cottage, among other benefits.

    Screen Doors vs. Storm Doors: Key Differences

    Many homeowners who want to upgrade their front door wonder if a storm door and a screen door are the same. Well, not really. That’s how it all breaks down.

    • A screen door is a unit with a screen made of fiberglass or aluminum mesh. The frame can be made from a variety of materials depending on preference and need, and most often, the unit has no other components. A screen door protects against bugs and provides excellent air circulation.
    • A storm door consists of glass panels in various configurations and typically has more parts. You can choose between a full-glass storm door or a door with glass panels at the top or bottom. Its main purpose is to protect the front door from the effects of severe weather, improve visibility, and increase energy efficiency.

    NB: Some storm doors come with interchangeable glass panels and screens. Thus, in the warm season, the glass is removed, and a mesh is installed to provide ventilation, and in the cold season, the screen is replaced with glass to better retain heat.

    Storm and screen doors are the outer layers added to your exterior door. They both provide protection – but at different levels. The choice between a storm door and a screen door depends on your needs and climatic conditions.

    Screen Door Installation

    Upgrade your exterior door and include a screen door for added protection and ventilation. Our team of experts will make your screen door replacement a breeze.

    When you turn to us for the entrance door installation, you can count on quick work and impeccable craftsmanship. With proper installation, you can enjoy your new door with a screen for years to come.

    Get started with a free quote by sending us a request with your project details.

    Can all doors have a screen door?

    Yes, we can install retractable screen doors on almost all types of modern doors, including inward and outward swinging, sliding, French units, etc.

    Do screen doors increase home value?

    Screen doors add value to a home because they improve the performance and functionality of your front door. Custom-made screen doors, harmoniously integrated into the exterior, can boost curb appeal.

    What is the difference between a screen door and a storm door?

    Both the storm door and the screen door are units that fit your exterior door and enhance its function. A storm door usually has glass panels to provide additional weather protection and energy efficiency. Screen doors feature mesh panels to provide ventilation while keeping insects out.

    Do you really need a screen door?

    The need to install a screen door depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to open the door to let in extra light and the fresh air without fear of bugs coming in and have a view of your backyard, adding a screen door will be a good solution.