A great advantage of modern window technology, especially with vinyl windows, is the ease with which they can be maintained. Unlike wood windows PVC doesn’t need to be scraped or repainted, it doesn’t darken, warp, or discolour with age, meaning your vinyl windows will look the same twenty years after they were installed. Another easy maintenance advantage of vinyl, is that theses windows create a seamless look on the inside of your home with the use of vinyl window trim.

However, if you do need to repaint the walls inside your home, you may need to remove the casings from your windows to create a clean look. The good news is, vinyl windows and trim are designed specifically with that in mind, which means you can take them off and put them back on in seconds.

Here are some steps to follow to make sure you remove your casing properly:

  • With a flat screwdriver or a chisel, find the edge where the casing meets the wall. Slip the chisel in, and make a small separation.
  • Continuously separate the casing away from the wall down the whole length.
  • Once there is enough separation, the casing can be removed with ease by hand.

When putting the casing back on:

  • Start by inserting one of the lengths into a corner piece.
  • With the corner attached, find the beginning of the casing channel and gently push the edge into the groove.
  • Line up the whole casing against the groove.
  • With a hammer or mallet lightly tap against the whole length of the casing until it is flush against the wall.
  • When installed properly, there shouldn’t be anything visible past your casing.

Keep your replacement windows looking new and undamaged with these easy steps, as you plan other renovation projects.

A big advantage of vinyl casing is in that it can be removed for convenient painting.
A big advantage of vinyl casing is in that it can be removed for convenient painting.

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