Homeowners today are usually told to get at least 3 window quotes before deciding to on a company. Is this really necessary?  The answer to this question is different for different households, partially because different people have different needs. People may get a quote to find the best window prices, to learn more about window replacement, or simply to compare quality between different products and company.

When getting a quote on windows in Canada, it is not uncommon for homeowners to end up feeling even more confused and unsure. When talking to window shoppers we identified a few common problems with getting window quotes:

1.     The representatives themselves are not educated on the product and installation.

2.     Representatives are biased and are not always looking to benefit the client. They offer cheaper grade product and installation for the same price as a more expensive product (for example retrofit replacement at a price of full frame replacement) that for an uneducated consumer that might look the same.

3.     Representatives that look to sell the product for an initial amount and then try to upcharge at the time of installation.

4.     Representatives are high pressure.

5.     Representatives are not trained to educate and investigate a tailored solution that fits the client’s needs.

6.     Representatives are not familiar with building and fire codes.

All these factors often result in a homeowner wondering which company is right and which is wrong about ratings, regulations, and laws. In fact, this shouldn’t happen as very few things in the world of window replacement are actually up for speculation, most information is either right or wrong, and can often be backed up with official government of Canada provided information.

For example, you can see the list of all ENERGY STAR compliant products and CSA approved windows in Canada.

In many cases, homeowners end up with many quotes but no clear picture of the final result or the installation process.

Therefore, it is not the amount of quotes that will ensure you getting the right window company. What matters more, is how well you are educated on the product, its operation, finishes, and finally the window installation process itself. Another thing to consider is, what kind of post-installation service a company provides. Whether or not the company will inspect the workmanship should be integral to your decision making.

Look for companies that don’t just strive to push their product, but actually take time to educate their consumers through videos, blogs, etc. It is recommended to look for companies that:

When getting a window quote, it is recommended to look for companies that:

1.     Educate their consumers on the different aspects of the window replacement process that includes before and after sales procedures.

2.     Have their own service technicians and service policies for warranty requests. Not many people think about window maintenance at the time of purchases, but considering your windows should last your roughly 25 years, you want your investment to be protected and cared for, for as long as possible.

3.     Stay away from companies that offer unreasonable savings like 30%-40% off. A company may advertise a great promo on paper, but the price ultimately comes down to the sales consultant at your appointment. If a company offers 40% off windows year-round can that really be called a discount? companies Best window companies off discounts only toward the end of the year or during slower, winter months.

4.     Stay away from companies that offer more than 5 years warranty on installation, it is usually an empty promise from a business that will not be there to service their clients. Usually businesses that have been in the industry for a long period of time know that after several years things like caulking tend to fail, and might need to be redone which will be a cost for the consumer. No reasonable company will offer unreasonable warranty on installation.


When you are ready to get quotes to replace your windows follow the guidelines mentioned above to find a proper company to install your windows.

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