The things that get put down on your window replacement contract can either make or break your experience with the window company, but more importantly with your vinyl windows.

While the company will do their job and go away, your windows are there to stay for at least another quarter century in the best case.

So why not do everything you can, to make sure you get exactly what you want?


Tips about window contracts

A lot of these tips are very common sense, but time and time again, customers simply overlook them or don’t spend the time to read the fine print. At the end of the day, once you sign the window contract, you’re on the hook for what’s there, and nobody is responsible for what isn’t.

  • Always make sure the contract is signed by both parties before any work commences.
  • The price on the contract should be the final price you pay for the replacement. Your window supplier manufacturer shouldn’t be asking for money after the order has been placed, or work has commenced.
  • You may have non-standard visions for your custom windows, or the condition of your home may require a unique approach. Either way, make sure every point of agreement between you and the product consultant is put down on paper.
  • Make sure that the type of windows, type of installation, and the configuration for the installation are all clarified on the contract.
  • Some companies carry vinyl replacement windows that are different in quality. Avoid getting scammed, or sold a worse product. Always make sure the type and make of windows are indicated on the contract.

And finally but most importantly,

  • Discuss the warranty terms with the project consultant. Even if you read it several times and think you understand the fine print, ask the consultant exactly what is covered and for how long. Run a couple of scenarios for service issues like leaks, cracks, and product defect. The project consultant should be able to discuss how those issues will be dealt with if they occur, and who will be responsible.

Think of your contract as a magic key. If any disputes occur in the future, this will be the first thing anyone will look at. You’re better off putting yourself in a favorable position of knowledge from the start, rather than being told you can’t have what you thought you were entitled to later.

Pay close attention when filling out your window contract. In the event of any disputes the contract will determine who is right.
Pay close attention when filling out your window contract. In the event of any disputes, the contract will determine who is right.

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