Whether you are looking to replace your windows and doors in Winnipeg, or really anywhere else, there is one universal truth about getting new windows: the success of your replacement entirely depends on the company you decide to go with. Sure, everyone can write a check and hope for the best, but how do you know that you’re actually paying for a good product and proper installation?

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Here is what you need to know about picking a window company:

  • The longevity of your window replacement depends on two things: the quality of the new windows, and correct installation. The company you decide on should be able to provide both in order for your replacement to be successful.
  • There are two types of window installation: full-frame replacement and retrofit (insert). A retrofit installation is only suitable if your existing frames show no signs of moisture or weather damage. The type of installation they specialize in, often also determines the performance level of the windows that a company sells.
  • In order to make sure windows are efficient in your area, you should only consider companies that have ENERGY STAR rated windows for your climate zone.

Today we will take a look at two of the bigger window companies in Winnipeg: All Weather Windows and Polar Ray-O-Max. Both of these companies are very popular in the city, and chances are, if you are planning a window replacement this year, you will end up getting a quote from one or both of these companies. Remember, not every company is right for everyone. But most companies have something to offer their client over their competitor. It all comes down to finding out what that special touch is, and deciding, what’s more, important for you in your replacement.

Let’s get into it

All Weather Windows
Homestars: 8.8

All Weather Windows is one of the biggest window companies in all of Canada. All Weather has been in business since 1978. This window company has two manufacturing facilities with a head office in Edmonton and works in most provinces in the country.

All Weather specializes in aluminum clad PVC and full vinyl windows. They also manufacture and supply entry, garden, and patio doors. All Weather Windows also offer their own installation services. Unlike dealing with a supplier, going with a full-service approach company is often better for any potential warranty service you may need. Because everything is done in-house this kind of companies are usually more committed to resolving installation related problems than companies that just supply the product.

– CSA certified and Energy Star rated
– Window Wise and Installation Masters Certification for installers
– Best of Homestars ’10, ’11, ’12 

The company offers a 20-year comprehensive transferable warranty on their sealed units and a 5-year warranty on installation labour. You can find their full warranty package information in this guide.

As we mentioned above, All Weather Windows is one of the biggest window companies in Canada. When you go to bigger companies you can usually trust that their product and installation will be of good quality. These kinds of companies will also usually have all the necessary paperwork and certification to back up their legitimacy. Where a lot of big window companies struggle across the country, is in the quality of their post-installation service. The internet review boards are filled with complaints about the lack of urgency when it comes to getting service from All Weather Windows. Because big window manufacturers have a higher volume of sales they also generally have a longer backlog of service requests to be processed. Take this into account when considering All Weather Windows.


Polar Windows
Homestars: 8.3

Polar Ray-O-Max has been on the Canadian Market since 1976. The company currently services Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and surrounding areas. Although Polar is one of the bigger window manufacturers in Western Canada, they have their own sales representatives, and work directly with customers.

Polar Windows prides itself on their own patented technology energy efficient windows. The company carries all standard window types in over 18 different colours. For the pickiest homeowners, the company offers window manufacturing plant tours so you can see the product and workmanship first hand.

Energy Star rated and CSA certified

The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their frame, sash, and glass components. Polar defines their lifetime warranty transferable warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the building in which the product was installed.

Polar has generally good reviews on Homestars and a high BBB rating. The negative reviews are mostly from miscommunications and lack of follow up regarding the order from the head office. Recent negative reviews also bring into question the quality of product and how the company performs installations. Pay special attention if you’re interested in getting doors from Polar as several customers in the last year, mentioned issues with this product. You should consider this company when lining up appointments for your window consultation.

Which window company is right for you?

Both of these companies specialize in and do similar work. They both specialize in vinyl windows, so you should definitely consider them if you decided to go the PVC route. Based on customer experiences All Weather seems to have a better product and more trustworthy installation and workmanship overall. However, a big downside to All Weather Windows is the slowness of their service. Considering your new windows are warranted for 20 years, you don’t want to have to wait close to a year, every time something goes wrong, or you need service.

Check out the price ranges for different Winnipeg companies:

Window CompanyPrice Range
Ecoline WindowsMid-Range
All Weather WindowsMid-Range
Polar WindowsHigh
Accurate DorwinMid-Range
Duraco WindowsMid-Range
Home Depot WindowsHigh
Durabuilt WindowsMid-Range
Canadian Choice WindowsLow
Clear Choice WindowsMid-Range
JeldWEN WindowsLow
Rona WindowsHigh
Pioneer Windows And DoorsMid-Range
Wilmar WindowsMid-Range
Lowes WindowsHigh
Pella WindowsVery High

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