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    Winnipeg Window Companies: JELD-WEN vs. Polar Windows [2024 update]

    Nov 8, 2017

    Mar 28, 2024

    8 min read


    When it comes to pricing and installing replacement windows, the condition of your house, health of your used windows, and your budget ultimately determine what kind of installation is required and what kind of new windows you should get. You as a homeowner are tasked with just one job, picking the right window company. Pretty daunting, especially if you know very little about replacement windows and probably even less about window companies.

    Thankfully, the market is saturated with companies that offer as many unique options as there are scenarios for a replacement project, so you have a large pool to choose from. At the very basic level, you will need to decide whether you want to go with a full-service company, buy directly from a manufacturer and find installers, or go with a dealer that offers a variety of products and sub-contracts their work.

    Full-Service Company vs. Window Manufacturer vs. Window Dealer – What is the Difference?

    A full-service company will be responsible for manufacturing, installing, and servicing their own windows. These companies usually have their own designated installers and will be in charge throughout the whole project.

    Dealers often carry products from one or more manufacturers and offer their own installation services. In this sense, Home Depot can be considered a window dealer. With dealers, you often have an option of choice, but no guarantee as to the quality of their installers work.

    Window manufacturers can sometimes be full-service companies as well. Often, however, they simply make the windows and sell them to multiple dealers.

    As a full-service company, we often get to see the advantages and disadvantages of all methods. Today we’ll review two Winnipeg window companies – Jeld Wen vs. Polar Windows and Doors and check which one is better for your project. Both have a large scale manufacturing process, but very different tactics when it comes to selling their product.

    Polar Windows


    Polar Windows Winnipeg, formerly Ray-O-Max, has been on the Canadian Market since 1976. The company currently services Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and surrounding areas. Although Polar is one of the bigger window manufacturers in Western Canada, they have their own sales representatives and work directly with customers. Hence they can be considered a full-service company.


    Polar Windows prides itself on its patented technology energy efficient windows. The company carries all standard window types in over 18 different colours. For the pickiest homeowners, the window company offers window manufacturing plant tours so you can see the product and workmanship firsthand.


    • Energy Star-rated
    • CSA-certified


    Polar is among window companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their frame, sash, and glass components. They define their lifetime warranty transferable for as long as the original purchaser owns the building in which the product was installed. If the owner changes, Polar Windows warranty will be valid for the next 10 years.

    Polar Windows Reviews

    Polar has a mediocre rating on HomeStars and no BBB accreditation. The negative reviews are mostly about miscommunications and lack of follow up regarding the order or service from the head office. Many homeowners mentioned they were given the run-around by the company once the installation was complete and company’s representatives were difficult to reach.

    Recent negative reviews also bring into question the quality of product and how the company performs installations. Pay special attention if you’re interested in getting doors from Polar as several customers in the last few years, mentioned issues with this product.

    Comparing Top Window Replacement Companies

    Company Window
    BBB Accreditation Reviews
    ecolinewindows company logo Ecoline Windows Edmonton 25-year on product & labour
    Accredited Check Reviews
    all weather windows company logo All Weather Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    jeld-wen Jeld-Wen 20 years
    Check Reviews
    polar windows logo Polar Windows 10 years
    Check Reviews

    JELD-WEN Winnipeg

    • Homestars: 4.5
    • BBB: NOT Accredited


    From its inception as an Oregon millwork plant in 1960 to its expansion into Canada in 1996, and subsequent consolidation of over twenty brands, JELD-WEN is now one of the largest window and door manufacturers in the world, not just Canada. For customers looking for local Winnipeg window companies, JELD-WEN has a manufacturing facility, design center, and their head office in the city.


    JELD-WEN Windows Winnipeg carries all standard types of windows in wood, aluminum-clad wood, and vinyl options. The company also offers a variety of entry and patio doors in common materials on the market. It is important to remember that JELD-WEN supplies product to numerous companies and renovation department stores. Therefore you may have a more difficult task of finding qualified window installers for their product. Check out our previous post on differences between full-service companies and big box stores.


    • Energy Star-rated
    • 2012 Energy Star Manufacturer of The Year
    • 2016-2018 Energy Star Manufacturer of The Year
    • 2021-2023 Energy Star Manufacturer of The Year


    There is no clear indication about product warranty terms on the company’s website. They do offer several forms for after-sales service, and info on filling out a warranty claim. In most cases, you will most likely have to turn to the company or dealer that sold you the windows to obtain and complete warranty registration. This is another point of importance if you are considering Jeld-Wen products: while the manufacturer may provide warranty on the hardware, make sure you figure out who is responsible for completing service that is related to potential installation problems.

    Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews

    Regardless of which dealer they went through many homeowners mention the same problem when dealing with JELD WEN: the company refusing to acknowledge problems with the window as a product defect. Similar to many other Winnipeg window companies reviews online you will find numerous negating feedback from homeowner state they’ve made several attempts to contact the company only to have their calls not returned. This is a common issue when it comes to big manufacturers, especially if they sell their products via dealers.


    Both Polar Windows and JELD-WEN are good companies to compare when you look at them as manufacturers. Both fabricate windows and doors on a large scale and have been on the North American market for enough time to establish a reputation.

    • Polar is a good choice if you’re looking for a full-service approach as they have their own project consultants and deal directly with the customer.
    • JELD-WEN has the advantage of working with numerous dealers and retailers, so you may be able to get a lower price on their windows by shopping around. You can also likely buy JELD WEN windows outright and find someone you are comfortable with to install them.

    Both of these companies seem to have a similar problem when it comes to post-installation service, dealing with customer requests in a timely manner, and resolving the issues before the customer has to follow up several times.

    As a full-service company ourselves, we don’t try to discourage potential clients from big box stores, or supply-only solutions. But quite frankly in our experience, the full-service way works better for most customers in Winnipeg and Western Canada. Unless they’re in the renovation business themselves, most people don’t want to have to deal with arranging work, planning timelines, and making sure everything is done right.

    To most homeowners, a replacement project is something that has to be done, and they simply want to pay for it and know that everything is taken care of. Having to find and arrange workers, spend time hunting down service, and being the supervisor for your own replacement can often take up more time and resources than most people want to commit.


    Yes, the company still operates in Winnipeg and continue selling and installing energy-efficient windows for local homeowners.

    There are a lot of great window companies to go with when considering installing new windows in Winnipeg, such as Polar Windows, Ecoline Windows Winnipeg and many others.

    Both Polar Windows and Jeld-Wen are reputable manufacturers in the window industry, but they operate differently. Polar Windows is a full-service company, while Jeld-Wen focuses solely on manufacturing and selling its products through a network of dealers. Both companies produce quality products, so the better choice depends on your preference for the type of service and distribution model.