Getting a good competitive price is a big factor in the success of your window replacement. But it shouldn’t be THE determining factor. Although window installation is a one time job if done correctly, the real value in custom vinyl windows comes from their long-term longevity.

But the unfortunate part of the deal is that the bulk of the payment has to be done upfront. Thankfully there are financing options in all provinces that allow you to split or defer your payment. In Manitoba, most window companies work with the Manitoba Hydro Home Energy Efficiency Loan to finance their projects.

When you apply for the PSRL, you fill out a form with some personal and financial information. Your project consultant then submits the application to Manitoba Hydro for approval. If the approval for financing is granted, the company has six months to install your windows and doors. At the completion of your installation, a supervisor submits a completion form to Manitoba Hydro. Once Hydro confirms they received the completion, they pay the company in full, and all future financial dealings are between the customer and Manitoba Hydro directly.

The Recent inclusion of North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS) into the Canadian market has affected the Energy Star ratings for our country as well. Manitoba Hydro, in turn, has revised their product requirements for approval qualification.

As of February 14, 2015, double pane windows no longer qualify for the Home Energy Efficiency Loan in Manitoba.

The table below shows the new, adjusted requirements for windows.

winnipeg windows and doors Manitoba Hydro requirements
PSRL compliance options for replacement windows

And sliding patio doors.

winnipeg windows and doors Manitoba Hydro requirements for patio doors
Manitoba Hydro requirements for sliding patio doors

Here are the new requirements for entry doors:

winnipeg windows and doors Manitoba Hydro requirements for entry doors
Manitoba Hydro requirements for entry doors

Although Winnipeg is technically in the ENERGY STAR Zone 2, all new loan requirements may qualify your windows for Zone 3, the coldest zone in Canada. While it ultimately means you are paying more for your windows, it also puts more value into your pocket as a customer as the windows you will be getting through your loan will be rated for a colder climate.

Through this initiative, Manitoba Hydro is encouraging customers to upgrade their windows in Winnipeg to triple pane glazing.  In addition, these windows improve energy savings, overall comfort, and help reduce condensation and noise levels from outside.

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