Annoying dust and dirt are inevitable in your home with any renovation project. This is just as true about window replacements, especially if you are considering a full-frame installation. And the worst part about it, most customers don’t realize this until a few months after their installation when they are STILL dealing with dust.

Even the best window installers cannot guarantee a mess-free job. After all, it is a home renovation project and not a surgical procedure. That is why the best way to solve this problem, is by cutting it out at the root.

Most window companies will suggest you take precautions and prepare your house for the day of the installation. Follow these steps and hopefully, you can minimize the amount of clean-up when job is done:


1. Close all the doors you can during an installation

This will go a long way toward not spreading the dust all over your home. Ideally, it is best to keep any rooms not accessed by the workers closed the whole time. Keeping as much dust in one area as possible, will ensure better clean-up results from the crew, and contain debris to one area.


2. Seal off the work area

This is a more thorough approach, recommended for bay window replacements and larger jobs. We are also looking into implementing this approach for all of our installers. For a few bucks, you can get some plastic drop sheets at a local hardware store, and hang them around the area, the work is being done in. Be very mindful of air-tightness, as this is only effective if you properly close all the gaps.


3. Force the dust outside

By setting up outside-facing fans around your window, you can try and blow as much of the dust out as possible. Be mindful of the outside weather, however, as strong winds may just blow it back in when the rough opening is exposed. At the very least, the fans can help contain the dust to a smaller area.


4.Protect your furniture and electronics

It is often impossible (though ideal) to completely remove everything from a room where windows are being changed. As much as you can, try to move your electronics away from the window’s vicinity. It is also a good idea to cover the objects in the room up, either with plastic or fabric to avoid dust settling on your stuff.


5. Tape your vents

By shutting off your heating or cooling during the day of installation, you will reduce are flow throughout the house, further helping contain the dust and debris to one area. If the weather is simply unbearable without your HVAC system, consider taping the vents in the rooms where the work is being done.



Many windows Winnipeg companies, Ecoline included, pride themselves on the quality and cleanliness of their work. But even the best installers, can’t prevent fine construction dust, or debris from entering your home. They can only do their best to clean up after. By taking the steps to minimize these issues prior to the day of your replacement, you can save yourself some time, and a headache by not having to deal with the mess after.

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