Window and door replacement in Winnipeg is not always the cheapest or easiest project.

That is why a lot of homeowners today, decide to do their replacement in stages, or with the aid of financing options.

The Manitoba Hydro Home Energy Efficiency Loan is a great option for customers in the province to enjoy the benefits of new windows while paying them off with a convenient and affordable plan.

Manitoba Hydro has been implementing a lot of new changes in the last year to help Manitobans invest in the right product. We’ve previously written about their February announcement. As the Energy Star guidelines changed in Canada, Manitoba Hydro also upped their minimum requirements for installations that can qualify for financing.

Currently, all replacements that qualify for financing have to be at least triple pane and adhere to the Energy Star Zone 3 specifications.

To further align their compliance with new Energy Star standards, Manitoba Hydro is introducing new requirements for all entry and sliding doors to take effect on July 1, 2015.


Just like with windows, all doors now have to qualify for Zone 3 specifications in order to be eligible for the Power Home Energy Efficiency Loan.

What does that mean for you?
Whether entry or patio, doors are one of the hardest components in your house to make energy efficient. They generally have the largest opening and, therefore, lose a lot more energy than any window in your home.

Investing in a door that meets the new specifications set by Manitoba Hydro is ultimately a benefit to the homeowner’s although it may not seem outright so.

If you’re already considering financing you may not want a door that is several hundred dollars more than the basic wood and steel option. But if you consider it as a long-term investment, the energy savings and the improvement in the overall comfort of your home are definitely worth it. It also helps your windows keep the home at consistent temperature if the door is as equally efficient as the new windows.

You may not think that the climate in your area requires windows with such high specifications, but if installed properly a higher quality product will most likely outlive the cheaper double pane windows.

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