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    Awning Windows Explained: Best Choice For Kitchen Renovation

    Aug 3, 2016

    May 7, 2024

    5 min read


    Awning windows have long become an ultimate choice when considering kitchen renovations, offering an ideal blend of functionality and style. These windows, characterized by their top-hinged design, allow for easy opening with a simple handle turn, making them perfect for the kitchen environment where ease of access is vital.

    Modern kitchen with awning windows tops the list of home improvements among Canadians not only for aesthetic appeal but also for practical benefits. These models are the best ventilation kitchen windows, creating a comfortable cooking environment while providing decent energy efficiency.

    Furthermore, their design allows for ventilation even during light rain, preventing water from entering your home. Moreover, households always prefer easy-to-open kitchen windows, especially if such hard-to-reach places as above the sink, making awning windows an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their kitchen’s functionality and overall appeal.

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    Awning Kitchen Window Installation – Operation & Energy Efficiency

    Like other crank windows, awnings come equipped with compression seals around the edge of the frame. When the sash is closed, the compression seal evenly fills the space between the frame and the moving part, resulting in better efficiency compared to weather-stripping used in sliding windows.

    Equipping your new awning windows with triple glazing and cutting-edge energy-efficient features like LoE glass can provide up to 55% more energy efficiency compared to regular units, significantly reducing your heating & cooling bills and improving the overall thermal performance all year round.

    The operable sash in the awning windows can tilt away from the frame for up to 45 degrees. These windows come equipped with a stylish fold-down handle that tucks away into a holder for a sleek look an easy operation. Multi-point locks on either side of the window allow for a tighter seal, by pulling the sash flush against the frame.

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    How to Open Awning Windows: A Step-by-Step Guide

    • To open the window, just lift the locks up.
    • Lift up the fold down handle and turn it counter-clockwise to move the sash away from the frame.
    • Turn the handle clockwise to close the window. Make sure to not over tighten the crank as that can cause damage to frame material or locking mechanism.

    When installed properly, awning vinyl windows offer superior ventilation, security, and easy operation; while adding comfort to your home.

    Kitchen Awning Window Ideas

    When it comes to kitchen window replacement options, the sky’s the limit. These versatile units can be customized to fit any home style and design, offering various options from colour to glazing to hardware and finish. The adaptability of awning windows ensures that your kitchen not only gains a functional upgrade but also enhances its visual appeal. 

    • Custom Colour Options: Choose any colour to match your kitchen’s interior design.
    • Glazing Choices: Opt for double or triple glazing to improve insulation, reduce noise, and enhance energy efficiency.
    • Size Customization: Tailor the dimensions to fit specific areas in your kitchen, perfect for above-the-sink or counter spaces.
    • Hardware Styles: Select from a variety of hardware designs and finishes to complement your kitchen’s aesthetic.
    • Ventilation Control: Adjust the opening for optimal airflow, ensuring your kitchen remains well-ventilated and comfortable.

    Kitchen Awning Window Prices

    Due to their design and operational features, new awning windows for kitchens tend to be priced higher than other window styles. The final cost comes down to personal preferences and your selected custom features, including size, glass type, style, and colour. Each element plays a crucial role in tailoring your windows to meet the exact needs of your kitchen space.

    To get a clearer picture of what your kitchen upgrade might cost, use our replacement windows cost estimator to calculate the approximate price based on your specific desired features. If you need a detailed quote for your kitchen windows replacements – feel free to contact us and Ecoline experts will be happy to provide a free consultation.


    How to choose awning windows for your kitchen?

    Select ENERGY STAR® certified awning windows for energy efficiency. Opt for durable materials like vinyl for low maintenance and sound insulation. Only deal with a reliable window company to install new awning windows that fit your design and meet energy efficiency standards.

    Where to get awning windows for your kitchen?

    At Ecoline, we specialise in installing energy-efficient, high-quality windows for homeowners across Canada. We only install ENERGY STAR® certified windows to ensure optimal performance and energy savings.