Calgary Window Companies: Cossins Windows and Doors vs. Greg Martineau Projects

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When choosing a window company in Calgary there are several things you need to take into consideration. Obviously the quality of the product and installation has to be up to a certain standard.

But what about things like customer service, and an overall pleasant experience?

While you can’t always figure out how good the windows are until they are installed, there is plenty of information you can find about a client’s experience, by doing some basic research.

There is also often some debate as to whether you should go with a smaller family owned company or a big box store. Smaller companies have the opportunity to work closer with the customer and provide an exceptional service while with a bigger retailer or window dealer you often get the advantage of a product sourced from multiple suppliers.

Today we will look at two Calgary window companies that fit each of these criteria: 

Cossins Windows Ltd.
Homestars: N/A
BBB: Not Accredited by BBB

Cossins is the family-owned and operated company since their beginning in 1978. An advantage for Calgary customers is that the company manufactures their own windows locally and specializes only in replacement window projects. The company also has a local showroom, which you can visit to see their windows for yourself.

Cossins carries all regular styles of vinyl windows, as well as aluminum clad, and traditional all wood windows. They also make patio and entry doors. The company website features Energy Star information on all the windows they manufacture for easier comparison. A plus to this company’s product range is that they manufacture and install skylights, which few Canadian window replacement companies specialize in.


No clear warranty is presented on the Cossins webpage. The company does offer information on their service procedures in some detail and even offers an online submission form for a service request. However, it’d be best to specify and make sure you understand their warranty policy if you decide to go ahead with a consultation appointment.

It is somewhat worrisome that Cossins doesn’t have an online presence on such popular home renovation websites like Homestars of Better Business Bureau. Though it doesn’t always mean the business is bad, most trustworthy companies in Canada want to be accredited and rated on these websites.

Greg Martineau Projects Ltd.
BBB: A+ (accredited since 1995)

Greg Martineau has been on the Calgary market since 1995. According to their website the company takes great pride in building lasting relationships with their clients.

The company offers windows and doors from as many as four suppliers. This means you could go beyond vinyl and get traditional wood or aluminum clad windows if that is what you prefer. The company deals in both residential and commercial window and door replacement. It is worth a mention that the company also specializes in siding work which is important because siding often gets damaged during the window installation. Another service that Greg Martineau offers that sets them apart, is their so-called “tune-up” service. Essentially the offer is to come out and give the customer a quote on all the windows, but only replace the ones that are the least energy efficient.

-Energy Star rated and CSA certified
-Member, Calgary Homebuilders Association
-Member, Renomark Program

Just like Cossins, Greg Martineau Projects website features a form to sign up and complete the warranty certification, but no information on the actual warranty terms. Because there are several manufacturers that the company gets their product from, the warranties for each type may be different. If you are considering going with this company, make sure to clarify what their workmanship warranty is like.

Overall, Greg Martineau Projects has a positive presence online. The negative feedback from the customers is generally regarding the subcontractors that a company hires throughout the different stages in the job. Several reviews have pointed out that Greg Martineau himself had paid a visit to the customer in the event of disputes, although with varying degrees of satisfaction for the client. 


Either of these companies is suitable depending on what your window replacement requires. If you only need vinyl windows and are looking to install them as fast as possible, Cossins may be a better option as they manufacture locally. They are also one of the few companies that work with skylights. It is hard to judge their customer service, as the company has a smaller presence online, with very few reviews that aren’t testimonials curated on their website.

If you want to get more fancy with your replacement and get wooden windows for example or aluminum-clad ones, you may want to consider Greg Martineau. Do take precaution though; we’re not accusing this company specifically, but there are companies out there with multiple suppliers that will sell you a more expensive product, but actually install windows from their lower quality line. In the case of this company, you may want to check out what product their suppliers offer first, and see which windows are best for you in terms of quality and price.

In either case, be sure to specify the company’s warranty terms, as little to no information is provided by their respective websites.

Both of these companies can be considered if you are looking for a quote. Though they both specialize in very similar things, each of these companies would be good for very different customers.

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