How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

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If you are reading this, chances are you are not happy with your old windows and are curious about the cost of replacement windows, or the financial impact of a project like this. Window replacement is something that should be done once (or in stages) and not done again for at least 25 years.

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Remember, the cost of windows should not be the only determining factor in your decision.

The cheapest units, while seemingly the same, may not perform as well and may need replacement not far down the road. However, mid-range units may perform as well as their high-end counterparts. At the end of the day, the price for your project will depend on a number of factors like type of installation, window style, window size, glazing/glass style, exterior and interior finishes, and additional options.

There are two main installation types for replacing windows: retrofit (insert windows) or full frame replacement.

The retrofit installation is characterized by the installation of a new window into the existing wooden frame. Generally, if you choose a retrofit installation, you choose to keep your existing casing, as well as the brickmould – the main exterior part. With a retrofit installation, the old brickmould can be covered with aluminum or caulking.

Full-frame installation is a complete replacement of all wooden pieces with the exception of wall studs. As a whole, this type of installation is beneficial for every homeowner because of its positive impact on your home. Replacing old windows often comes with surprises, such as rotted structural parts. A full frame replacement ensures that these parts are found, removed, and brand new ones installed in their place. Full frame replacements also usually mean a new vinyl brickmould and new vinyl casing. As such, full frame replacements require more labour and generally include more material. For this reason, vinyl window prices with full frame replacement cost 10-15% more than a retrofit installation.

As you may have gathered already, the installation type will also determine the exterior and interior finish to a certain extent.  There are quite a few options when choosing the interior finish and include two separate yet related components: the jamb and the casing. The jamb is the ledge around the window frame that connects the window frame with the casing. The casing acts as a cover for the rough opening. The advantage of a vinyl casing is that it can be easily snapped on and off if you decide to paint your walls. To achieve a uniform look, it is possible to have both components made from the same material, for example, vinyl jamb and vinyl casing or wooden jamb and wooden casing. If you choose, you can also mix and match.

An example of a vinyl package: vinyl jamb complete with snap-on vinyl casing

Window Styles Determine the Price of Your Replacement

Window styles are another major determinant of the cost of a window replacement project. Casement and Awning windows are more expensive due to their superior seal and safety features. The range of casement windows prices, as well as awning windows, can be on average as much as 8-12% more than vertical and horizontal sliding windows. 

Glass styles and additional options such as grilles, tints, and colours are not the main determinants of the cost to replace windows but do have an impact on the final balance.

Average Window Replacement Prices

Considering the variety of options to choose from, it is not easy to give an exact price right off the bat, but it is possible to give you a better idea.

  •  The average price of windows in the Bedroom or Kitchen ranges between $900 and $3,600
  •  Bow or Bay window prices window on average range between $2,800 to $4,500
  •  Living room window prices on average range between $2,100 to $3,700
  •  5ft to 6ft standard size Patio Door prices on average range between $1,544 and $3,161
  •  Basement windows prices on average range between $600 – $1100

While it is not difficult to provide a price for a project, there are many different aspects that need to be considered to ensure that the quote that you are given is accurate. This accuracy depends on the information that we receive from you. Thus, before anything else happens you need to determine what is wrong with the existing windows, what you expect from the replacement, and how much you want to spend. If you know the answer to these questions and would like to take the next step, feel free to contact us online or by phone.

At Ecoline Windows more often than not we need to send one of our product consultants to your home to determine the final cost of replacing windows. The reason for this is not to give you a “pitch” on how good our product and our service is, but to figure out exactly what you want and need and put it all together. The in-home consultation will give you a clear picture of what you are getting, will provide you with a guaranteed windows price and will ensure that you will not end up with any hidden fees after completion of your project. Most importantly an in-home consultation will finally answer the ultimate window replacement question: how much do windows cost?