There are many ways a window company can become reputable. Obviously product quality and workmanship are key to any installation success. But it takes good customer service, and a continuous commitment to making sure a company stays in business for many years.

When you’re thinking about replacing your old windows, you should get a quote from at least a few companies. But how do you know who to call in the first place? We often get calls from customers asking us about how our products and services compare to our local competitors. We’ve decided to take some time and break down exactly what other Canadian window suppliers are doing, as we’re constantly looking to evolve and improve our business.

Today we want to take a look at two window companies in Calgary: Supreme Windows and Lux Windows and Glass Ltd.

Supreme Windows
Homestars: 9.7
BBB: A+ (accredited since 1976)

Supreme Windows has been on the Canadian market since 1967. The company is based and manufactures all their windows locally in Calgary. The company opened an all-in-one local manufacture and office facility in 2008, equipped with the latest equipment in window manufacturing technology. Supreme specializes in renovation as well as new construction projects for the residential markets.

Supreme offers the whole gamut of vinyl window options. The company makes double pane slider windows and triple pane for other types. Vinyl frame options come in white or desert sand. Although the company only manufactures vinyl windows, they offer a good variety of choices and optimizations whether to suit the look of your home or improve its energy efficiency.

– CSA certified and Energy Star rated
– Member of The Calgary Region Home Builders Association
– Homestars Best of 2013

Supreme Windows dealers and distributors warrant that their window and door products will be free from material and manufacturing defects for a period of five years. Glass sealed units, frame, sash, glazing stops and mullion connectors are protected by warranty for twenty years.

As one of the many window manufacturers and installers in Calgary, Supreme has a good reputation with their clients. They have few to none negative reviews on HomeStars, and the company seems to take an involved approach towards resolving issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Lux Windows and Glass
Homestars: 9.1
BBB: A+ (accredited since 1994)

Lux windows and glass came on the window scene slightly later than Supreme Windows, in 1969. The company also has their own manufacturing facility and produces all their own windows and glass. They specialize in renovation and new construction projects.

Besides the standard range of PVC windows, the company also has aluminum clad casement and awning windows. For the pickiest customers, there are also hybrid vinyl-aluminum windows. The company also offers a variety of choices in privacy glass, Low-E coating, and customization options.

– CSA certified and Energy Star rated
– 2013 SAM Awards Winner: Supplier of Best Products

Lux Windows offers a twenty-five-year warranty on its sealed units, frame, sash and hardware components. The company also offers a five-year warranty on labour or issues related to the installation.

Just like Supreme, Lux Windows has good customer reviews and no recent negative feedback on the company’s performance.

Bad window companies can stay in business for one, two, maybe a few years. But eventually their shortcomings get exposed. It is great to see that companies like Lux and Supreme have been able to maintain an adequate level of customer satisfaction.

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