Do you own your own home? Congratulations!

Depending on how long you’ve lived there, you’ve probably already taken the time to personalize your investment. Perhaps you’ve painted the walls, replaced the carpet, or updated the kitchen. Maybe you’ve been evaluating and prioritizing what project to tackle next.

While there will inevitably be dozens of components needing repair or replacement at some point, there are many undeniable reasons why you’ll want to replace some or all of your old windows now.

1. Increase Comfort/Consistent Temperature

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Replacing your old, drafty windows with new, energy efficient units will help your home maintain a consistent temperature and increase the overall comfort. Replacement windows will help block solar heat gain (SHG) in the summer months and heat loss in the winter. Sunlight has a direct path to south- and west-facing windows, so those rooms will usually be warmer than others.

To reduce solar heat gain for susceptible windows, you can install window treatments that can be closed during the hottest time of day or you can replace those tired, old windows with Energy Star-certified windows. You’ll notice an immediate difference in comfort level and temperature consistency once your old, leaky windows no longer a source of air infiltration or solar heat gain.

2. Extend Life of HVAC units

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Furnace, boiler, and central air conditioning units can be costly to replace, so it’s important to take the proper steps to extend the life of your HVAC system. To keep your system from overuse, consider:

  • Close blinds and shades in summer months to reduce solar heat gain.
  • Use ceiling fans to force air circulation.
  • Seal leaks and gaps with caulking.
  • Install weatherstripping around exterior doors.
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated.
  • Change the filters regularly.
  • Keep exterior units free from debris.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Replace inefficient, old windows with double- or triple-pane styles, Low-E glass coatings, or gas-filled windows.

Give your HVAC a rest once in awhile and you’ll be amazed at how long it will keep performing.

3. Reduce Energy Costs

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We’re all anxious to save money, and while it may seem contradictory to spend money on replacement windows, you can save up to 30-percent on your heating and cooling expenses by doing so.

Many factors will determine the efficiency, the cost, and the overall performance of each window.

  • Frame material—choose vinyl instead of wood, fiberglass and aluminum for the most efficient and to see the most energy savings.
  • Multi-pane glass—with argon or krypton gas fills between the panes, potential air leaks will be greatly reduced.
  • Window size and style—choose from double-hung, awning, casement, bay or bow or custom. Only consider those options with the top-rated Energy Star-certified
  • Low-E coated glass—blocks both heat loss through the windows in the summer and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

4. Better Functionality

Have your windows become more difficult to open and close as they’ve gotten older? Missing or broken hardware, warped or rotted frames, and lost glazing seals all contribute to loss of functionality. All of your window concerns can be contributing to poor operation and function.

Advances in windows hardware—hinges, pulls, pivots, and cranks—combine to create better operation. With the installation of new windows you’ll enjoy smooth operation, partial raise or lift capability, plus the ability to hinge completely open for a big breeze and lower energy costs.

5. Clearer Window Glass

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Have you been bothered by foggy, hazing, moisture between the glass or excess condensation, then it might be time for an upgrade. To determine if your window seal has definitely been broken, follow these steps:

  • Wash the window inside and out—being careful that you’re not seeing any external moisture.
  • Any fogging, moisture or hazing between two panes of glass will confirm the window seal has failed.
  • Glass distortion—large sheets of glass may show more distortion than smaller windows. Stand away from the windows that have been affected to determine which windows require immediate replacement.

6. Reduced Maintenance

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This feature is a homeowner’s dream come true. While there is no way to make a window completely maintenance-free (yet), there have been some significant advances in the way you care for your windows that will motivate you to install replacement windows now:

Consider vinyl replacement windows for a maintenance-free option that is rot-resistant, won’t require painting or scraping, and won’t chip or peel. Hose or wipe down frames to keep them looking brand new.

Washing window glass inside and out is easier now that double-hung windows tilt in and casement windows open wide for better access.

New technologies are also helping windows stay cleaner longer. By adding a special coating to your windows, the sun’s rays activate a chemical that breaks down dust and dirt. Normal precipitation will wash away any residue remaining to keep your windows sparkling clean. Can your old windows do that?

7. Protect Furniture and Carpeting from UV Damage

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While you may not notice it immediately, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can permanently damage furniture and carpeting. Colours fade, fabrics break down, and carpet fibers deteriorate.
A Low-E glass coating can stop UV rays in their tracks and protect your furniture and carpeting from further damage. The initial investment can be significant if you need to replace all your windows, but the long-term rewards can be considerable.

8. Add Curb Appeal and Value

Beautiful Curb Appeal Replaced Windows

You may not realize the importance of windows in the overall appearance and perceived value of your home. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home now or in the next few years, installing new windows can provide a 90-percent return on investment.

Finding the right window company, like Ecoline Windows, is critical to providing the most impact for your dollar. All windows are not created equal, so it’s important to research your options before starting the renovation work. Look for options like window styles and shapes, colour selections, glass coatings, gas fill, safety features and frame selections. The company should be established in the community, offer lifetime warranties, and service after the sale.

9. Security

Today’s windows not only provide excellent protection from the elements, they also provide protection from break-ins. Home security is an important issue for families and modern windows include high-quality hardware that is tamper-resistant from the exterior.

Laminated glass is also extremely effective in withstanding multiple hits without breaking. Check with your window manufacturer for more details on how replacement windows can help you make your home more secure.

10. Better Scheduling Now

Ecoline Old Windows Replacement

There’s no need wait until spring to replace your old windows. In fact, there may be some real incentives to doing the work over the slower winter months.

  • Fewer people vying for a time to install replacement windows, so you may be able to get the renovation completed much faster.
  • With fewer customers waiting for window shipments during the off-season, you may experience faster turnaround times.
  • In order to keep personnel working through the slower months, window manufacturers are more likely to have promotions to encourage sales now.

Renovation projects can be time-consuming and costly, but projects like installing replacement windows can be well worth the investment. If you’re inspired to act after reviewing the list of undeniable reasons to replace your old windows, it’s time to contact the professionals at Ecoline Windows for a free estimate.

The benefits—like increasing comfort, extending HVAC life, reducing energy costs, improving functionality, clearer window glass, reducing maintenance, protecting from UV damage, adding curb appeal and value, improving security, and obtaining better scheduling in the off-season— will be significant. Don’t delay. It’s time to call or text experts to review your options now.

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