Window Prices Explained: What Does It REALLY Cost To Replace Windows

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So, you’ve decided it’s time for your old windows to go. You checked out some companies with good reviews or maybe got a referral from a friend.  After narrowing the list down, you’ve maybe had a few salesmen come out to your house and take a look at the project at hand.

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In the end, you’ve been given a few window prices. And now you have to decide which window replacement company is best for you based on the quote prices you received.

A big advantage of modern full-service companies is that you pay them a lump sum of money and they take care of everything. But that’s also where the problems most often begin: you don’t know what went into that number, and how the project consultant got to it.

Pricing plays a crucial part in the decision to replace windows. The final price of your replacement will depend on the kind of installation, quality of the windows, and the services the window company provides.

How do window companies determine the final price?

The traditional way companies calculate the custom window price is by determining the square footage of the window and then multiplying it by a certain X factor. This basically determines how much it would cost to manufacture the actual product and any work that requires the windows to be installed. In this case, the X-factor basically has to cover all the work, including any unforeseen circumstances that may occur. In the end, the company still has to make a profit, so it’s not surprising that the factor is often heavily overestimated to compensate for potential problems.

Another big contributor to determining the cost of replacing windows is the actual salesperson. Because most companies utilize manual methods of calculation, they are mostly reliant on the project consultant’s knowledge. Regardless of how good they are at selling, all consultants have a different understanding of what is required in the window installation, and will price the project accordingly. Time and again a consultant will come to someone’s home, see a potential issue, and think it’s an easy fix during the installation when in reality it may require several hours if not days of work.

This is also why it is common in the industry to ask for additional money even after the work has commenced, or delay the project because the amount of work required is greater than initially estimated.

Because no one wants boring plain windows for their living rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms, projects often require a specific approach. Factors like assembling several windows into an opening, custom grills, colors, or special hardware, make determining the price more complicated and leave a lot of room for error with manual pricing.

The average price range is based on minimum and maximum window sizes:

  • Bedroom or Kitchen window prices range between $900 and $3600 on average.
  • Bow or Bay window prices range between $2,800 to $4,500
  • Living room window prices range between $2,100 to $3,700
  • Standard size patio door prices range between $1,700 and $3,100
  • Basement window prices on average are between $600 – $1100

In working with our production line we began to use sophisticated computer software that was designed specifically with replacement windows in mind. It makes the pricing process less of a guessing game and allows our product consultants to input all the variables and get a more accurate price on all the components, options, and features that ultimately go into your custom vinyl windows. Because this significantly decreases the margin for error, we are able to better price our windows and give our clients a more accurate representation of the quote. As a company, this saves us the unprofessional embarrassment of asking clients for more money, or delaying installations because of unforeseen work required.

We don’t have to guess and pad that so-called X-factor for potential problems. Our windows may not always be the cheapest amongst all the quotes you get, but we promise they are always the fairest priced.

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