How often do you post online reviews?

Regardless of the product or service, when do you actually take the time to engage with a business online and comment on the work they’ve done?

And if you are diligent and take the time to write a review, is the experience you are describing positive or negative?


As customers, we all generally take it for granted when a company performs their service to standard. And it makes sense: you pay a certain amount of money in exchange for a service that should match the investment. That is why genuine praise is often uncommon on the web.

But just like in real life, we are more likely to vent our frustrations online. Bad experiences leave a deeper impression. And while sometimes it’s easier to forget a bad meal from an online reviewed place, having a multi-thousand dollar investment mishandled can leave more than a bad taste in your mouth.

Then why do so many window companies online reviews score so high online?

It is not uncommon to see window companies who get a 10/10 on all their reviews. But what’s really behind these reviews?

The surest way to find out is to read through them. If you begin to notice patterns throughout the reviews, chances are the fix is in.

You can almost picture a project consultant saying: “We can give you a discount if you recommend us online.” And 33 subsequent reviews that read “I would recommend this company.”

Don’t get us wrong, there are many honest positive reviews that can help you choose a company, it’s just a matter of picking the valuable stuff out of the filler. See what companies generally do to get favorable scores online here.

It’s always best to supplement your research with the physical material. Ask to see some of the replacement work that’s been done in your neighborhood. Project consultants should always carry some samples of work with them.

The Internet is great because it exposes companies to you, and vice-versa. But always exercise caution, and question the reviews you see. Just a little diligent research can go a long way in dispelling or proving the image a company creates for itself online.

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