Where to Find Discount Windows and Doors

Quality and high-performance windows and doors are pretty expensive, so buying them cheaper seems a good idea. Here we’ll uncover the potential risks of discount windows and explain why getting them is not the best choice.

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Jun 13, 2016

Oct 4, 2022

4 min read


If you have done some research or taken window and door quotes you probably know that window replacement is a relatively pricey purchase. In fact, if you are replacing windows in the entire house, it can be the most expensive project you undertake.

But sometimes you don’t need the quality or high efficiency that comes with custom windows. Whether it is a garage window, windows in a laundry room, or even at the cottage, sometimes you just want a window that covers the opening. This is where many homeowners try to look for discount windows.

Since we at Ecoline Windows deal with window and doors every day we are often asked where customers can get supply-only discount windows and doors.

There are a few ways to get low priced windows:

1.  Discount custom windows and doors

Because most windows today are custom made, pretty much every window replacement company has wrong measured windows once in a while. A lot of the time the company will store these windows to see if they can be resold. You should be able to negotiate a very good price for this type of window since it will most likely not be used on any other project.

2. Standard size windows

Some companies carry standard size windows. Usually, these type of replacement windows are cheaper and less efficient than custom made ones. Of course, this can be an option if you have an ordinary house, but even in an average home there will be a couple or few windows that are not standard.

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    3. Shopping for windows online

    A lot of the time contractors, project consultants, and even homeowners try to sell windows they have no use for by themselves. The Internet can be a great place to look for cheap windows. Try websites like craigslist.com or kijiji.com under buy and sell > home renovation materials section. You may not always find brand new windows, but depending on what your replacement requires, a used window may be good enough.

    Remember, regardless of whether you are getting a custom made window, or buying a discount stock one, the success of your window replacement depends on two things: proper fit of the window, and correct installation.


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