Most people decide to replace their windows because of damage or simply age taking its toll on the frames. But few people consider the investment value of window replacement when trying to decide on what product is right for them. Window replacement is one of the most expensive single projects associated with home renovation, but with the right knowledge it is easy to see where the return on your money comes in. 

You should think of your windows as a long term investment, so it’s important to think not about how quickly your money will be recovered, but how long it is before they need to be repaired or replaced again.

A new window replacement project adds around 80% of its total cost to the home value, not to mention the curb appeal new windows create for your home.

Another important factor that makes window replacement worth your money are the energy cost savings associated with new windows. Changing just a couple of windows in your house to Energy Star rated windows can save you up to 12% on your heating bill.

The best thing you can do as a potential consumer is to do your research! Take the time to consider what you are investing in before you invest in it. This alone will save you money.

There are some general questions you should have before deciding on changing your old windows:

  • What do the windows promise to do for you? Take into consideration the area you live in, your climate zone, and the energy efficiency of your existing windows.  Shop around. It’s OK to be a skeptic when it comes to making the most beneficial improvements for your home.
  • What is the total cost of the product? How much will it cost for you to purchase, install, and maintain your window?

When these tips are taken into consideration, you will be able to approach your window consultation or quote with more direct questions about the kind of windows that are right for you.

It is easy to see why more and more people prefer to get vinyl replacement windows. They fit all the above criteria perfectly and offer the best return on the money spent.

And one more thing we cannot stress enough: be wary of companies that don’t value customer satisfaction or provide a clear and easy to understand the warranty. Protecting your investment is important to make it worth it over a long term period.

Low-priced, poor quality windows are not a good, long-term investment. Energy-efficient, durable and low-maintenance windows will provide energy savings, increase comfort levels, and reduce outside noise in your home.

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