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    What are the things a homeowner should consider in order to get the best value for their money? Most people aren’t experts on replacement windows or home renovations. That’s why they spend money and leave it to the professionals. But it’s not enough to just trust the first person that offers to do the job. Unfortunately, many companies only care about the profit and not what’s best for the homeowners. That’s why one thing you can and should do before even having any quotes, is do some basic research into what the common practices, products, timelines, and numbers are. At the very basic level, it will help you come up with some questions to ask from a prospective company.

    How to Purchase New Windows Infographics

    How to Purchase New windows
    How to Purchase New windows

    We compiled an extensive list of the most important points to consider when deciding to replace your windows and doors. These should be a good place to start learning

    Online Reviews and Research

    The first and most important step is gathering information and doing research. There are many ways of finding window and door replacement companies, the most popular one is the internet reviews. Look at online review website such as which was specifically created to rate contractors, an online portal for the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and Google places, which is the local Google company listing.

    Cost of windows

    There are many variables when it comes to house window prices. Window replacement is something that should be done once (or in stages) and not done again for at least 25 years. Therefore, the cost of windows should not be the only determining factor in your decision. The cheapest units, while seemingly the same, may not perform as well and may need replacement sooner. Mid-range units may perform as well as their high-end counterparts, while sacrificing some of the features. At the end of the day what’s most important,  is your ultimate goal for replacing the windows

    Check out our Window Replacement Cost Estimator

    Average Window Replacement Prices
    Considering the variety of options to choose from, it is not easy to give an exact price right off the bat, but it is possible to give you a better idea.

    •  The average price of windows in the Bedroom or Kitchen ranges between $800 and $1,600
    •  Bow or Bay window prices window on average range between $2,800 to $4,500
    •  Living room window prices on average range between $1,800 to $3,000
    •  5ft to 6ft standard size Patio Door prices on average range between $1,800 and $2,200
    •  Basement windows prices on average range between $450 – $800

    A few things to keep in mind during a window and door consultations

    After you decide on the companies you would like to get a quote from, keep a few other things in mind. Not all window and door representatives are created equal. Stay away from window salespeople that offer unreasonable discounts like 30%-40% off, or installation warranties of more than 5 years from the date of installation. Have a basic understanding about the product and service; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Full-frame installation replacement vs. insert window installation

    Insert window installation is characterized by the installation of a vinyl window into an existing wooden frame. This means you will keep your existing casing, jamb and the brickmould – the main exterior parts of the window.

    The full frame installation is the recommended method because it takes care of hidden problems in the window. It is characterized by a complete replacement of all wooden parts of the rough opening with the exception of wall studs. Full frame replacements will usually mean a new vinyl brickmould, vinyl jamb extension, and vinyl casing. Aesthetically, full frame window replacement will deliver a clean, fresh look to all the windows. Better yet, it will give you peace of mind, while ensuring the most energy efficiency in your home.

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      Overlooked questions to ask during door and window consultations

      There are many common questions customers have during a window door consultation, such as: “What is Low E glass and how is it beneficial?”, “Do argon windows really reduce heat loss?”, “Is financing available?”; “What is the warranty?”, and, “How does the payment work?” More often than not homeowners miss the opportunity to become more informed about their upcoming project by not asking the not so obvious questions that might affect their project.

      Lifetime warranty

      Make sure you know what is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and what the procedures are in case something goes wrong.

      What is covered by a lifetime window warranty? Before answering this question determine exactly who is providing the warranty. Many window replacement companies act as a distributor for window manufacturers and as such will offer the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty as well as their own installation warranty. This divide can turn into a headache as the one thing homeowners don’t want when dealing with service issues is pointing fingers. Usually, a manufacturer’s warranty covers the glass, frame, and hardware while the installer’s warranty covers the workmanship and labour.

      The difference between slider window and a casement window

      The comparison between Awning and Casement vs. Slider and Hung; slider/hung window is opened by pulling – side to side or up and down. A casement window opens towards the outside and by cranking handle. The downside of the slider window is that it is not as energy efficient as its crank operated counterpart.

      Hopefully, with this list, you can get a better understanding of what a window replacement entails, and what to look for when you are choosing a window company.