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    Canada Greener Homes Grant Ends March 2024: Last Chance to Save Big on Window Replacement

    Dec 12, 2023

    Apr 10, 2024

    7 min read


    As of February 2024, the Greener Homes Grant, a pivotal initiative by the Canadian government to promote energy-efficient home upgrades, has concluded. While this program offered homeowners across Canada up to $5,600 in rebates for green renovations, including window and door replacements, its closure marks a new chapter for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s energy efficiency.

    Despite the end of this specific rebate, numerous other government incentives and programs are still available to support your energy-efficient home improvement projects. Contact us to learn how you can save big when shopping for new windows and doors.

    $5600 Government Rebate Ends Soon: What You Need to Know

    Launched in May 2021, this federal initiative aimed to support 700,000 homeowners in enhancing home energy efficiency, significantly cutting down on energy bills and contributing to a more eco-friendly environment. 

    $375 million has already been issued in grants to over 93,600 homeowners, showing an immense interest among homeowners to save big on energy upgrades. However, as the March 2024 deadline for the Canadian Greener Homes Grant rapidly approaches, there are only a few months left to capitalize on the opportunity to complete home renovations with a whopping cash back, while the program still accepts new applicants.

    Why apply as soon as possible? The reason is apparent – you have to undergo a pretty long process:

    • Registration and eligibility check
    • Pre-retrofit energy audit
    • Hiring a qualified contractor
    • Completing the energy upgrade
    • Post-retrofit energy audit

    Window replacement is among the top 5 retrofits among Canadian homeowners. On average, the Greener Homes Grant covers up to 30% of the window replacement project cost, so the demand for the grant is even higher here. At Ecoline, we are always here to:

    • Consult on the best windows qualifying for maximum rebate
    • Rapidly connect you with the energy inspector 
    • Help to get approved for the grant
    • Secure your rebate spot now – install new windows later

    Canadian Greener Homes Grant: Eligibility Check

    The eligibility criteria for this grant are broad, ensuring that most Canadian homeowners can benefit from the program if they apply on time and plan to do eligible home energy retrofits. Here are the property types that qualify for the grant:

    • single or semi-detached house
    • mobile home on a permanent foundation
    • permanently moored floating home
    • row house
    • townhome
    • mixed-use building (residential portion only)
    • multi-unit residential building

    When it comes to replacement windows and doors, homeowners need to keep in mind the following key points:

    • All products must be purchased in Canada
    • Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from a distributor located in Canada
    • Keep the ENERGY STAR labels on your windows and doors until after your post-retrofit evaluation.
    • Partial replacements are not eligible. Replacements of the sash, glass, or door without including the frame are ineligible.

    You can look up the energy-efficient window models that qualify for the rebate here.

    Why Upgrading Windows and Doors?

    Installing new energy-efficient windows and doors is more than just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic investment in your home’s energy efficiency and overall value.  

    An average home can lose up to 25% of energy through windows and doors. Hence, upgrading to energy-efficient models allows homeowners to save significantly on energy bills. With new windows & doors, you can expect:

    • Increased curb appeal
    • Reduced noise pollution for better sleep
    • Improved home security
    • No leaks, drafts or condensation 
    • Higher home market value

    And with a $5600 grant still in place, the savings and benefits are too good to miss out on. Contact Ecoline now to secure your rebate spot.

    How to Apply for the Greener Homes Grant: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Navigating the application process for the Canadian Greener Homes Grant can seem daunting, so we have prepared a step-by-step guide reminder to help you get onboard:

    1. Eligibility Check: First, ensure that your property and planned upgrades meet the grant’s eligibility criteria. Check your property type and the specific energy-efficient retrofits you want to get done.
    2. Registration and Initial AuditRegister for the program through the official Greener Homes Grant website. Following registration, an initial energy audit of your home is required. This audit, conducted by a certified advisor, assesses your home’s current energy efficiency and recommends potential upgrades. At Ecoline, we help our customers to rapidly connect with the energy inspectors and speed up the process.
    3. Plan Your Upgrades: Based on the audit’s recommendations, plan the specific upgrades you wish to undertake. This could include window and door replacements, insulation improvements, or other retrofits you may want to combine.
    4. Hire Qualified Contractors: Reimbursement is only possible if retrofits are done by qualified contractors. Ensure your local company is aware of the Greener Homes Grant requirements, as this will affect the eligibility of your rebate.
    5. Complete the Upgrades and Documentation: Once the upgrades are completed, gather all necessary documentation, including receipts and detailed descriptions of the work done. This documentation is essential for the final step of the grant application.
    6. Final Energy Audit and Claim Submission: A final energy audit is required after the upgrades are completed. This audit assesses the improvements and quantifies the increase in energy efficiency. Submit this audit report through the program’s portal along with your claim for the rebate.
    7. Receiving the Rebate: The rebate will be issued after your claim is processed and approved. The amount will depend on the cost and type of upgrades completed, up to the maximum of $5,600.

    Act Now To Save Big On Window and Door Replacement

    With the deadline approaching, the message is clear: if you’ve been considering making your home more energy-efficient, now is the time. 

    Greener Homes Grant covers up to 30% of window replacement project costs, so don’t miss this opportunity to improve your home and contribute to a greener Canada. Contact Ecoline to receive a free rebate consultation and quote now!

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    When did the Canadian Greener Homes Grant rebate program end?

    The program officially concluded in February 2024. While this specific initiative has ended, homeowners still have many provincial rebates to save on energy-efficient upgrades. Please get in touch with us to explore all rebates and loans available for window and door replacements.

    Is the Canada Greener Homes Grant still available for new applicants?

    No, the program no longer accepts new applicants, as it ended in February 2024. However, individuals who applied and were approved before the program’s conclusion have their funds allocated and will receive their rebate as promised.