In our blogs, we often stress the importance a proper installation has on the efficiency of your windows. Good windows cost a lot of money. That’s why they are often thought of as an investment. Ideally, the trade-off for purchasing a high technology window is found in years of savings on heating and cooling bills. Vinyl frame construction windows are virtually maintenance free. But it is a shame to see when a great quality window is not installed properly because it basically has no value.An important step in ensuring an optimal installation for your window happens long before the actual windows are made. That’s why we wanted to focus on the importance of a proper measurement when ordering products from Canadian window manufacturers. It is generally accepted that the installer who performs the installation is also the person who does the measurement. A knowledgeable installer should be able to foresee any unexpected circumstances and extra labour that may be involved with the installation. Although they should be able to answer any questions, you should still have a basic understanding of how to properly measure a window.

1. To ensure the window is square, it is important to first measure it diagonally in both directions. If the two dimensions are equal, the opening is square, otherwise, the size of a new window will need to be adjusted accordingly.


2. It is important to check that the window is level and free from distortion or warping. Measure horizontally at the top, middle, and bottom. The largest measurement will be the new window’s width.

3. To calculate the height, measure vertically at the left side, center, and right side of the window. As with the horizontal measurement, the largest dimension will be the height of the new window.

4. To ensure an adequate opening for the new window add at least a half inch to the width and height measurements. This allows for a quarter inch opening on all sides of the window for shims, insulation, and thermal expansion.


5. If a brickmould is to be used, appropriate measurements will need to be done on the outside of the window as well, leaving a quarter of an inch of space for the brickmould to fit. Compare the brickmould size with the window measurement to ensure adequate space for shimming and foaming.

These measurement techniques will give you a better idea of how to know if the installer is properly measuring your window opening.

At Ecoline Windows we understand the importance of proper window installation. Furthermore, we know that in order for windows to be installed correctly, they have to be measured as precisely as possible. All our window installers are in charge of doing the measurements for the windows they will eventually install. Our project consultants will also be able to advise you whether the design of your new windows will be smaller, bigger, or the same as your existing ones.

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