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    Edmonton Windows Reviews: Durabuilt vs. Cambridge Windows

    Jun 30, 2015

    May 27, 2024

    7 min read


    At this point in our window company review journey, it’s safe to say we learned that regardless of the installation type or order size Canadians want one thing from their window replacement experience.

    And you’ll be wrong if you guessed that it’s product and installation quality.

    All customers want for the window replacement company in Edmonton or another Canadian city to keep their promises.

    If that is right, so will everything else because most Edmonton window companies don’t shy away from talking about how great they are compared to the competition.

    Yet, especially in Edmonton, time and time again, we see negative reviews about unreturned phone calls, delayed deliveries, and unfollowed promises of additional discounts when things go wrong.

    Today, we compare two local window companies and see how they perform in Edmonton – Durabuilt vs. Cambridge Windows (no longer in business).

    Durabuilt Windows Edmonton

    • Homestars: 6.5
    • BBB: A+ (accredited since 2006)

    Durabuilt is one of Alberta’s biggest window and door manufacturers. The company has been in the province since 1988 and manufactures their windows right in Edmonton. Durabuilt prides themselves on their attention to customer service and “all about you” approach. The company manufactures and works with commercial, new construction, and residential windows.

    A big advantage that companies with their own production line have, is a wide variety of product they offer. Durabuilt carries not only all standard vinyl window styles, as well as choices in hybrid windows, tilt-and-turn windows, and entry doors, garden, and sliding patio doors.


    • CSA certified and Energy Star rated
    • Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2013
    • IMS Certified Manufacturer. The company performs periodic audits on their Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety.

    Durabuilt Windows offers a 20-year warranty on glass sealed units, and two years limited warranty on labour. See their full window and door warranty in the links.

    One of the common problems outlined in the BBB complaints filed against Durabuilt is the lack of follow up with customers from the head office. Several customers who had issues with their order have expressed their frustration over having to repeatedly track down the project consultants and people from the head office in order for their problems to be resolved.

    Durabuilt Windows Edmonton Reviews

    The company’s rating on HomeStars is not that good being stuck at 6.5 for a while, indicating they do have problems when it comes to resolving customer issues. Durabuilt does use the Assisted Review option on the HomeStars, so at the very least you can say they are invested in getting positive reviews from their customers.

    Interestingly enough most Durabuilt Windows & Doors Inc. negative reviews have to do with either entry or patio doors being ordered wrong, coming in late or missing parts. If you are considering this company and want doors with your window order pay special attention to the contract and make sure everything is written down how you want it.

    Comparing Top Window Replacement Companies in Edmonton

    Company Window
    BBB Accreditation Reviews
    ecolinewindows company logo Ecoline Windows Edmonton 25-year on product & labour
    Accredited Check Reviews
    durabuilt windows company logo Durabuilt Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    pella windows company logo Pella Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    lux windows company logo Lux Windows 25 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    all weather windows company logo All Weather Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    centra windows company logo Centra Windows 25 years
    N / A
    Accredited Check Reviews
    McLeod windows company logo McLeod Windows 30 years
    Accredited Check Reviews

    Cambridge Windows Edmonton (no longer in business)

    • Previous HomeStars Rating: 8
    • BBB: NOT Accredited

    Cambridge Windows and Doors has been operating in Edmonton since 1996 but has no longer been in business since 2017.

    When still operating, Cambridge specialized in custom made energy-efficient PVC windows in Edmonton. There were two lines of product, the high-end awning and casement style windows, and budget end slider and hung windows. They also manufactured steel and fiberglass entry doors, garden doors and sliding patio doors.


    • Had an Energy Star certification

    When still in business, Cambridge Windows had a detailed outline of what is covered under their warranty on their website. Their warranty covered PVC extrusions for the lifetime of the product (usually twenty-five years).

    There was no specific mention about the lifetime of the insulated glass units though there was one difference between Cambridge and other companies. Although the company offered a five-year labour warranty on installation issues, the labour on replacing sealed units or any warranty related parts is only for two years.

    Cambridge Windows Reviews

    When it comes to homeowner reviews, the company had a good rating of 8/10 on HomeStars. Still, since it is no longer in business, the reviews got worse, with many previous customers unhappy that no one answered the calls and many windows cracked or leaking.

    Cambridge Windows and Doors also lost their BBB accreditation (when they were still operating in Edmonton) due to unresolved customer complaints. Just like with other companies, most customers felt they weren’t communicated with properly throughout the project, and when requiring service.

    Although businesses are not required to have a BBB accreditation, compliance with the bureau is a good sign of companies making an effort to work with clients and solve outstanding issues


    Since Cambridge Windows is no longer in business, comparing it properly to any window company still operating in Edmonton is impossible.

    When it comes to Durabuilt Windows, it strikes as a viable choice for Edmonton residents even though the rating (based on online homeowner’s reviews) is not that high.

    The company is an old and established player in the window market with a diverse product range, including standard vinyl window styles, hybrid windows, tilt-and-turn windows, and various door options. It positions it as a versatile choice for different customer needs.

    Durabuilt’s products are CSA-certified and Energy Star-rated, complying with all the industry standards. Additionally, the company offers a substantial 20-year warranty on glass sealed units and a two-year limited warranty on labour, providing customers with peace of mind regarding their investment.

    While there have been some customer service challenges, particularly in follow-ups from the head office, Durabuilt’s overall reputation in Edmonton remains positive.


    As of the time of the article, Cambridge Windows is no longer in business. Customers are advised to consider other manufacturers like Ecoline Windows or Durabuilt for new window installations or replacements in Edmonton.

    Both Durabuilt and Cambridge Windows have been known for their quality products. Durabuilt Windows offers a wide range of high-quality, energy-efficient window options. While Cambridge Windows was in business, it also had a reputation for quality. However, with Cambridge no longer in operation, homeowners need to consider other brands like Ecoline or All Weather for their projects.

    Durabuilt Windows provides various custom window options to meet different architectural styles and personal preferences in Edmonton. Customers can choose from multiple styles, materials, and finishes to match their home’s design and energy efficiency needs.

    Since Cambridge Windows is no longer in business, getting direct support or replacements for their products may be challenging. Homeowners might need to consult with local window experts or look for alternative manufacturers like Ecoline Windows or All Weather for support and replacement options.