Believe it or not, but a vast majority of window replacements is very similar. Even if you have a custom built home with unique openings, chances are the majority of your windows will still be in one of the common styles and standard sizes. That’s why once you start looking into Edmonton window companies or doors replacement companies, you will probably notice that the products they carry are not much different from each other. A company may carry a specific style or two compared to their competitor, or a different hybrid window, but for the most part they all carry similar vinyl windows and doors.

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So how do you know which company is right for your window project?

While it is true that all products look and function similarly, they don’t always perform the same. Consider companies that carry ENERGY STAR rated and CSA (NAFS) approved windows to ensure that the product matches climate requirements in your area.

Because window installation is integral to the efficiency and performance of your windows you’ll want a company that installs windows to standard and in accordance with all building codes.

And last but not least, you want a window company that will be there to warranty and service the windows for the duration of their expected lifetime. Many companies offer lifetime warranty on their windows, but not all of them are ready to work with the client once a problem arises.

In today’s post, we’ll compare two of the larger Edmonton window companies and see why you should consider getting a quote from them.

Durabuilt Windows
Homestars: 7.4
BBB: A+ (accredited since 2006)

Durabuilt is one of Alberta’s biggest window and door manufacturers. The company has been in the province since 1988 and manufactures their windows right in Edmonton. Durabuilt prides themselves on their attention to customer service and “all about you” approach. The company manufactures and works with commercial, new construction, and residential windows.

A big advantage that companies with their own production line have, is a wide variety of product they offer. Durabuilt carries not only all standard vinyl window styles, as well as choices in hybrid windows, tilt-and-turn windows, and entry, garden, and sliding patio doors.

– CSA certified and Energy Star rated
– Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2013
– IMS Certified Manufacturer. The company performs periodic audits on their Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety.

Durabuilt offers a 20-year warranty on glass sealed units, and two years limited warranty on labour. See their full window and door warranty in the links.

One of the common problems outlined in the BBB complaints filed against Durabuilt is the lack of follow up with customers from the head office. Several customers who had issues with their order have expressed their frustration over having to repeatedly track down the project consultants and people from the head office in order for their problems to be resolved.

The company’s Homestars review has improved somewhat since our previous review post about them. Durabuilt does use the Assisted Review option on the Homestars, so at the very least you can say they are invested in getting positive reviews from their customers.

Interestingly enough most negative reviews have to do with either entry or patio doors being ordered wrong, coming in late or missing parts. If you are considering this company and want doors with your window order pay special attention to the contract and make sure everything is written down how you want it.


Lux Windows and Glass
Homestars: 8.9
BBB: A+ (accredited since 1994)

Lux Windows and Glass was created in Calgary in 1969. They are one of the oldest window companies in Western Canada. The company has their own manufacturing facility and produces all their own windows and glass. They specialize in both renovation and new construction projects. Lux is an example of a full-service company as they manufacture, sell, install, and service their own windows. The company also has a designated service department which is important for companies like this, as it helps process and make repairs much more efficiently.

Besides the standard range of PVC windows, Lux also has aluminum-clad casement and awning windows. The company also offers choices in privacy glass, Low-E coating, and customization options.

– CSA certified and Energy Star rated
– 2013 SAM Awards Winner: Supplier of Best Products

Lux Windows provides a twenty-five-year warranty on its sealed units, frame, sash and hardware components. The company also offers a five-year warranty on labour or issues related to the installation.

Labour warranty from Lux deserves a special mention here. Currently, there is a BBB complaint about how the company offered a client one price for additional service, only to send them a much higher final quote. Unfortunately, this is quite common in the industry. Lux ultimately resolved the problem in client’s favor, but it just further goes to show that you should hold project consultants accountable by making them put what they say in writing. You can read the negative review and the company’s resolution on their BBB page. It is worth mentioning however that the company has not had any BBB complaints or negative claims in the last year.

Lux boasts a good score on Homestars with overall great levels of satisfaction from the clients. The customers who did leave negative feedback on the company’s Homestars page complained about a lack of follow-up regarding service or warranty issues. This is quite a common problem with all window companies in Canada. What matters is whether the company is working to improve their customer relations, and it does seem so in the case of Lux Windows and Glass.


Both of these companies have been on the Edmonton market for long enough to suggest they do reliable work and can be trusted. Durabuilt has the advantage of offering a wider selection of window styles as they carry tilt-and-turn window and other hybrid options that Lux doesn’t have.

Like with other bigger window companies, customers had frustrating experiences with both Lux and Durabuilt when it came to timely communication from the office, window orders arriving on time, and receiving service in a timely matter. Make sure to check out both companies’ BBB and Homestars pages to see how they resolved customer problems.

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