When looking for replacement windows in Edmonton there are plenty of things you have to keep in mind.

Do you want your windows to be locally manufactured? Are you interested in a full-service approach, or do you want supply only? Are you looking for a variety of products or just different styles of vinyl windows or, maybe, doors in Edmonton?

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Today we’re going to revisit two companies we have previously reviewed. Both of these companies offer a full-service window replacement, and both make windows locally in Edmonton. All Weather Windows is the older company, and Cambridge Window Manufacturing Inc. is the younger of the two.

All Weather Windows
Homestars (Calgary): 8.9


One of the better-known window companies in Canada, All Weather has been in business since 1978. All Weather has two manufacturing facilities with a head office in Edmonton.

All Weather Windows specializes in aluminum clad PVC and full vinyl windows. They manufacture and supply entry, garden, and patio doors. All Weather Windows also offer their own installation services for customers in Alberta. Going with a full-service approach company is often better for any potential warranty service you may need. Because everything is done in-house these kinds of companies are usually more committed to resolving installation related problems than companies that just supply the product. 

– CSA certified and Energy Star rated
– Window Wise and Installation Masters Certification for installers
– Best of Homestars ’10, ’11, ’12 

All Weather offers a 20-year comprehensive transferable warranty on their sealed units and a 5-year warranty on installation labour. You can find their full warranty package information in this guide.

As with most window companies, the biggest areas of concern for customers in online reviews were issues with following up, scheduling, and providing service on the damaged product.



Cambridge Window Manufacturing Ltd.
Homestars: 9.4

BBB: NOT ACCREDITED (lost accreditation)

Cambridge has been operating in Edmonton since 1996. The company has its own 25 000 sq ft manufacturing facility and makes their windows locally. The company prides itself on their “100% satisfaction guaranteed” approach. 

Cambridge specializes in custom made PVC windows. There are two lines of product, the high-end awning and casement style windows, and budget end slider and hung windows. It is important to note that the company doesn’t manufacture double slider or hung windows, for customers looking to get the most functionality out of those designs. They also manufacture steel and fiberglass entry doors, garden doors and sliding patio doors.

– Energy Star Rated

Cambridge has a detailed outline of what is covered under their warranty on their website. Their warranty covers PVC extrusions for the lifetime of the product (usually twenty-five years).

There is no specific mention about the lifetime of the insulated glass units though there is one difference between Cambridge and other companies. Although the company offers a five-year labour warranty on installation issues, the labour on replacing sealed units or any warranty related parts is only for two years.

Cambridge holds an interesting place in the world of online reviews. Although they have a perfect 10/10 score on Homestars with 17 reviews, it is somewhat suspicious that all the ratings given to them were a perfect ten. Even more interesting is the fact that all of these reviews were added to the site in the last three months.

Just recently Cambridge lost their BBB accreditation due to unresolved customer complaints. Just like with other companies, most customers felt they weren’t communicated with properly throughout the project, and when requiring service.

Although businesses are not required to have a BBB accreditation, compliance with the bureau is a good sign of companies making an effort to work with clients and solve outstanding issues.


Both of these companies offer a full-service approach where they manufacture, install and service their windows. Both companies produce their windows in Edmonton and are suited for people looking for local businesses.

All Weather is obviously the veteran in the window industry and is one of the better-known companies across the country. Though Cambridge is a younger company, that doesn’t always mean they’re worse.

However what is concerning about Cambridge, is that their BBB accreditation has been revoked, and will likely be gone for at least a few months.

Consider both of these companies for your window replacement quote, but beware as both of them have reports from clients who felt they weren’t communicated with properly or in a timely manner.

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