Very few windows companies in Edmonton or doors companies today can say that they manufacture their own product.

Yet the involvement in the manufacturing process is often the cornerstone to a company offering quality product that functions for its expected lifetime.

The best way to judge how confident a manufacturer is in their product is generally by the warranty terms they offer. The better the warranty the more a company is willing to work with you to make sure their product lasts.

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Today we’re going to look at two Edmonton window companies that manufacture their own windows, and try to decide whether you should consider them for your replacement project.

Cambridge Window Manufacturing Ltd.
Homestars: 9.4

BBB: A+ (accredited since 2004)

Cambridge has been on the Edmonton window market since 1996. The company has its own 25 000 sq ft manufacturing facility. According to their website, the company prides itself on their 100% satisfaction guaranteed approach.

Cambridge specializes in the manufacture of custom made PVC windows. They carry two lines of product, the high-end consisting of awning and casement style windows, and the lower end slider windows. It is important to note that the company doesn’t manufacture double slider or hung windows, for customers looking to get the most out of those designs. They also manufacture steel and fiberglass entry doors, garden doors and sliding patio doors.

– Energy Star Rated

Cambridge has a detailed outline of what is covered under their warranty on their website. Their warranty covers PVC extrusions for the lifetime of the product (usually twenty-five years). There is no specific mention about the lifetime of the insulated glass units though there is one difference when it between Cambridge and most other companies. Though the company offers a five-year labour warranty on installation issues, the labour on replacing sealed units or any warranty related parts is only for two years. Sealed unit failure is not uncommon in the Western Canada, so you would either have to put trust in the company’s insulated glass or pay out of pocket for the labour in the event your unit needs replacement.

Cambridge holds an interesting place in the world of online reviews. Although they boast a perfect 10/10 score on Homestars with 17 reviews, it is somewhat suspicious that all the ratings given to them were a perfect ten. Even more suspicious is the fact that all of these reviews were added to the site in the last three months.

The story is not very different when it comes to their BBB score. Although the company has a perfect A+ rating and has been accredited for over 10 years, there have only been 4 complaints filed against them, and three of those were in the last year. That being said, however, the two complaints that are currently public on the company’s BBB page show that the company has worked with the client toward resolving the disputes the way the client wanted. Perhaps there is some merit to their 100% satisfaction guarantee. window_replacement_edmonton

McLeod Windows and Doors
Homestars: N/A

It is important to note right away that McLeod is exclusively a manufacturer of windows. Unlike Cambridge and previous companies we reviewed, McLeod works with contractors and dealers to get their product to the client. The company has roots in Spruce Grove dating back to 1916, with the window manufacturing picking up in the 1980s.

Like Cambridge, the company specializes in PVC windows only. They carry all standard styles of windows, as well as tilt and turn European windows that can be difficult to find through most manufacturers. McLeod also offers steel and fiberglass entry doors, sliding patio doors, and even doors made from Brazilian mahogany for the more discerning customers.

-Energy Star Rated
-Member of the Canadian Homebuilders Association

McLeod has one of the most straight-forward explained warranties of any companies we’ve found in Western Canada. They warrant their insulated glass units for up to 20 years and white PVC extrusions for 25 years. The company specifies the criteria for warranty claims, and exactly what is covered.

Although there is no Homestars or BBB page set up for McLeod Windows and Doors, that may be a sign of them working with contractors rather than directly with customers. If you are considering getting windows from a manufacturer directly you absolutely want to make sure that the product meets the necessary criteria for your climate zone. Seeing as their windows are Energy Star Rated and the company is a member of the Canadian Homebuilders Association, most likely means that the products are of substantial quality and can withstand whatever our harsh climate throws at them.


Both of these companies specialize in vinyl windows. McLeod seems to have the edge when it comes to unique design options to choose from.

As a manufacturer Cambridge does have an advantage when it comes to window installation because they have a dedicated team of workers. Remember, no matter how good the quality of your windows is, it is worth nothing if they aren’t installed properly.

And finally, the warranty. McLeod’s warranty information seems to show a much bigger trust in their product and its longevity. Although the warranty terms are very similar between the two companies, what is somewhat concerning is that Cambridge only offers to replace failed sealed units for free for the first two years, a term much shorter than even their general labour warranty.

Consider getting a quote for products from these companies if you are looking for locally manufactured windows and want a plethora of style options to choose from.

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