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    Edmonton Companies: Cambridge Window Manufacturing vs. McLeod Windows and Doors

    Jun 19, 2015

    May 27, 2024

    6 min read


    Very few windows companies in Edmonton or doors companies today can say that they manufacture their own product.

    Yet the involvement in the manufacturing process is often the cornerstone to a company offering quality product that functions for its expected lifetime.

    The best way to judge how confident a manufacturer is in their product is generally by the warranty terms they offer. The better the warranty the more a company is willing to work with you to make sure their product lasts.

    This review compares two Edmonton window companies – Cambridge Windows vs. McLeod Windows based on product, warranty and homeowners feedback available online.

    Unfortunately, as of time when we update this article, Cambridge is no longer in business. However, McLeod still operates and manufactures its own windows, so let’s see if it worth getting a quote for your replacement project from this company.

    Cambridge Doors and Windows Manufacturing Ltd. (no longer in business)

    • Previous HomeStars Rating: 8

    Cambridge Windows and Doors has been operating in Edmonton since 1996 but has no longer been in business since 2017.

    When still operating, Cambridge specialized in custom made energy-efficient PVC windows in Edmonton. There were two lines of product, the high-end awning and casement style windows, and budget end slider and hung windows. They also manufactured steel and fiberglass entry doors, garden doors and sliding patio doors.


    • Had an Energy Star certification

    When still in business, Cambridge Windows had a detailed outline of what is covered under their window and door warranty on their website. The warranty covered PVC extrusions for the lifetime of the product (usually twenty-five years).

    There was no specific mention about the lifetime of the insulated glass units though there was one difference between Cambridge and other companies. Although the company offered a five-year labour warranty on installation issues, the labour on replacing sealed units or any warranty related parts is only for two years.

    Cambridge Windows Reviews

    Analysing homeowner reviews, the company had a good rating of 8/10 on HomeStars. Still, since it is no longer in business, the reviews got worse, with many previous customers unhappy that no one answered the calls and many windows cracked or leaking.

    Cambridge Windows and Doors also lost their BBB accreditation (when they were still operating in Edmonton) due to unresolved customer complaints. Just like with other companies, most customers felt they weren’t communicated with properly throughout the project, and when requiring service.

    Although businesses are not required to have a BBB accreditation, compliance with the bureau is a good sign of companies making an effort to work with clients and solve outstanding issues

    Comparing Top Window Replacement Companies in Edmonton

    Company Window
    BBB Accreditation Reviews
    ecolinewindows company logo Ecoline Windows Edmonton 25-year on product & labour
    Accredited Check Reviews
    durabuilt windows company logo Durabuilt Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    pella windows company logo Pella Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    lux windows company logo Lux Windows 25 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    all weather windows company logo All Weather Windows 20 years
    Accredited Check Reviews
    centra windows company logo Centra Windows 25 years
    N / A
    Accredited Check Reviews
    McLeod windows company logo McLeod Windows 30 years
    Accredited Check Reviews

    McLeod Windows and Doors

    • Homestars: 6.7
    • BBB: Accredited

    McLeod is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Edmonton, with a proven track record. The company has roots in Spruce Grove dating back to 1916, with the window manufacturing picking up in the 1980s.

    McLeod Windows Edmonton specialises in PVC windows only. They carry all standard styles of windows, as well as tilt and turn European windows that can be difficult to find through most Edmonton manufacturing companies. McLeod also offers steel and fiberglass entry doors, sliding patio doors, and even doors made from Brazilian mahogany for the more discerning customers.


    • Energy Star Rated
    • Member of the Canadian Homebuilders Association

    McLeod has one of the most straight-forward explained warranties of any companies we’ve found in Western Canada. They warrant their products for up to 30 years for the original homeowner and up to 20 years for subsequent owners. The company specifies the criteria for warranty claims, and exactly what is covered.

    McLeod Windows and Doors Reviews

    The company now has both HomeStars and BBB pages, which they did not have earlier. The rating on HomeStars is quite low – 6.7 with only 3 customer reviews left, which indicates McLeod does not want to invest in getting homeowners reviews.

    The only negative review on HomeStars shows poor customer service, while the other 2 (positive) praise the company for high-quality products.

    When it comes to BBB reviews, their page shows 2 complaints during the past 12 months related to the company’s warranty. Both got resolved promptly, showcasing McLeod’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


    With Cambridge Windows Manufacturing out of business, there is no point in discussing their past performances. When it comes to McLeod, the company constantly develops, striving to improve its products.

    Their energy-efficient windows and doors, decent warranty, and commitment to promptly resolving homeowners’ issues show the company’s good customer service and care.

    Consider getting a quote for products from McLeod if you are looking for locally manufactured windows and want a plethora of style options to choose from.


    As of the time of the article, Cambridge Windows is no longer in business. Customers are advised to consider other manufacturers like Ecoline Windows or McLeod for new window installations or replacements in Edmonton.

    Even though the company has only a few reviews on HomeStars and BBB, McLeod is still one of the oldest brands in Edmonton, with a proven track record.

    McLeod Windows provides various window options to meet different architectural styles and personal preferences in Edmonton. Customers can choose from multiple styles, materials, and finishes to match their home’s design and energy efficiency needs. The company, however, specialises in PVC windows.

    Since Cambridge Windows is no longer in business, getting direct support or replacements for their products may be challenging. Homeowners might need to consult with local window experts or look for alternative manufacturers like Ecoline Windows or McLeod for support and replacement options.