If you really want to make sure you get the perfect custom windows for your home, you’ll know that there are factors to consider beyond the quality of the product.

As you guessed, we’re talking about window installation. That’s because a bad installation can do more harm than good and essentially nullify your investment into performance and efficiency of modern windows.

Yet there are plenty of companies on the market that fall short on quality workmanship, even if their product is superior to competitors.
Although it is difficult to evaluate the skills or work ethic of any window installers in Winnipeg until the day of the installation, knowing what to look for can help ensure your vinyl windows are everything they can be.

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Here are some things all good installers share in common:


It goes without saying, your installers must know what they’re doing. Although the trade is not officially regulated, there are still certain work certifications installers can possess. WindowWise is a program that offers training and evaluation for installers in Canada. The CSA also outlines a standard to which all installations should be performed, although may not necessarily be perfect for every installation. At the very least, your installer should be familiar with CSA standards.



A good way the installer’s knowledge will naturally be tested is in how they communicate with you. Installers that know what they’re doing, should be able to explain the reasoning behind their methods, and why their process is preferable to other options.

And, of course, a big part of the impression a company leaves, is in how their employees communicate with their clients. Are the installers willing to listen and respond to your concerns? Are they personable and polite? Do they explain why they’re doing something or merely argue that it’s the right way? All these things are a good indicator of how into their work an installer is, and ultimately how much attention to the quality they have.



Not all knowledgeable installers are quality. And all quality installers understand the importance of a proper installation to the performance and longevity of your windows. Only through a high attention to detail can an installer turn a good installation into a great one. Is the installer ensuring all windows are level and square? Are they checking for damages before installing the product? Are they caulking the outside of the window completely and accurately? Are they ensuring the surrounding wall or finishing isn’t damaged during window replacement?
These little things are up to the installer to notice, and really separate the best installers from the rest.



Although overall cleanliness may not affect the result of your installation or the performance of your replacement windows, it is usually a sign of a knowledgeable quality installer. A lot of companies are starting to catch on the importance of leaving a site clean. Some window installers even offer options to seal off entire rooms for a replacement. But at the very basic level you want someone who tries to make as little mess as possible, and makes sure to clean up after they’re done. This demonstrates integrity and pride in an installer’s work.

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There are many window installers in Winnipeg to choose from. Remember that a good installation can help you maximize the performance of any windows. A bad one, on the other hand, can ruin any benefits of efficiency that the product has to offer.

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