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    Bay Window Vs Bow Window in Calgary: Two Kinds Of Beauty

    Jun 24, 2022

    May 2, 2024

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    When designing or renovating your residence, there are always a lot of issues that pop up. Window replacement is perhaps one of the most challenging home renovations to deal with. You’ll most likely want to not just replace windows but to enhance the curb appeal of the exterior. That’s where many Calgary homeowners come to bow and bay windows.

    Indeed, if you’re looking to add character to your home in Calgary, bay and bow windows may be the very thing. Some good news here – you don’t have to search for a new house to get the look of your dreams. All you need is renovation. Still, a lot of Calgary residents are going to modernize their homes at some point – so why not consider bay or bow window replacement?

    The challenge is to understand what style suits you best – and this is where Ecoline can help you. In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know about bay window and bow window styles in Calgary.

    Of course, you can read reviews about Ecoline Windows in Calgary.

    Bay And Bow Windows: Inspiring Designs, Outstanding Views

    Have you ever seen boxy-shaped window panels sticking out from a house and wondered “What is that?” Well, this is exactly how the bay window or projection window looks like, being a stylish addition to any Calgary home. Despite their peculiarity, projection windows have a number of advantages that other styles of windows don’t.

    In fact, bay and bow windows are not some special type of windows – they are rather a combination of units (casement, double hang, and fixed). They are easily identified by their arched design that protrudes from behind the wall.

    If you want to capture great views and sunlight, bay and bow windows can be a perfect option. Since they consist of several window units, they let in more natural light than regular windows and provide a better connection to nature. Plus, this kind of design makes your exterior look incredibly eye-catching.

    Let’s be more specific about why these windows are worth the money.

    Key Benefits of Bay And Bow Windows

    If you’re looking for large bay windows for sale in Calgary, look no further than Ecoline. Our units have a lot of benefits you can take advantage of:

    • Provide extra space

    Due to their design, projection windows slightly expand the space inside the room, giving you some usable footage. That’s why a bay window is a popular choice for a kitchen in Calgary homes. In the resulting corner, you can arrange an additional place for cooking, a comfortable window seat, etc.

    •  Expand view

    With windows protruding from the wall, you get a full 180-degree view of the outdoors and can see more of your yard or garden by looking out the window.

    • Improve ventilation

    When you install a bay or bow window, you can choose casement or double-hung windows, which provide excellent ventilation. Open two or more units to get a nice breeze. The more windows you have that open, the more fresh air will come into your home.

    • Add value to your property

    Bay and bow windows boost the curb appeal of your home more than you may realize. Grab the attention of potential buyers with large, high-quality projection windows. Even if you are not going to sell your property in the near future, it makes sense to increase its value anyway.

    Want to know more about Ecoline’s Bay And Bow Windows?
    Go to Bay And Bow

    Bay Vs Bow Window: Learn The Basic Differences

    If you look at the bay and bow windows pictures, you’ll see that they can look a lot alike. Indeed, they have many similarities: comprise several window units, protrude from the foundation, increase functional living space, and share numerous benefits. Therefore, homeowners often find it difficult to understand the difference between a bow and a bay window at a glance.

    Here is how it all breaks down:

    Bay windows Bow windows
    bay windows bow windows
    Design features Bay windows are typically made of three window units at an angle of 25 to 45°, providing the effect of a slightly angular protrusion from the wall. Bow windows tend to have four to six window units arranged at an angle of approximately 10°, giving the structure rather a curved appearance.
    Size Bay windows are best suited to walls that are 40 inches or larger. Bow windows fit best in walls 80 inches or larger.
    Ventilation control The general idea of bay windows is to combine one picture window that is centrally located and fixed, and two windows on the sides that can be opened – most often, casement or hung ones. Opening windows provide excellent air circulation. Bow windows allow you to add several opening units to the structure in order to maximize ventilation. Depending on your needs, you can decide how many fixed and operable windows your bow design will have.
    Ability to provide light Three glass units let plenty of daylight into the room. With a larger number of glass units (usually 4-5 units), bow windows let in the maximum amount of natural light.
    Adding footage Bay windows protrude significantly from the wall, adding floor space to the room that can be used for a variety of purposes. Bow windows protrude slightly from the wall, adding little space to the interior compared to bay windows.
    Typical house styles Bay windows work best with contemporary-styled houses due to their flat planes and angular lines. Thanks to their elegant curved design, bow windows are a perfect match to houses in traditional and Victorian styles.
    Summary Pros: – create more seating or storage space – provide a more open layout even in small rooms – increases daylight entry – offer good ventilation Cons: – require a lot of additional work to install – do not provide a wide, panoramic view Pros: – provide a wonderful panoramic view – maximizes the amount of daylight incoming – allows for multiple operable units – have a sophisticated curved look, perfect for Victorian-style homes Cons: – create less extra space in the room – tend to be quite expensive – are more complex to install

    Now that you know all the features and differences of bay and bow windows, you can make your best choice of which style better fits your needs. No matter which configuration you choose, with Ecoline, you’ll get energy-efficient windows with exceptional durability and virtually endless styling options.

    How Much Do Bay & Bow Windows Cost in Calgary?

    Bay or bow window replacement is one of the most difficult projects to complete. On top of installing windows into openings, this process often includes adding some structure in the foundation for creating a new bay window or replacing parts in an existing one. If you own an old house, there is a risk that the structure surrounding the window is rotten or damaged. Unfortunately, these problems are not always visible during measurements.

    Hence, bow and bay window prices in Calgary tend to be higher than the prices for standard window replacement projects. The complexity of the work, as well as the number of adjoining window units, directly affect the cost of the project.

    You can find out the price of the individual window units that make up the bay and bow structure using our online window price estimator. Choose your window style, size, and type of glazing and get an estimated replacement cost. You can also contact us and receive a free quote, providing the details of your project.

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      Which one is more expensive: bay or bow windows?

      Due to the typically larger size, more window units, and the more complex structural support that is needed, bow windows tend to be more expensive than bay ones.

      Can you replace a bow window with a bay window?

      Yes, it is possible to replace a bow window with a bay one. However, it will not be a direct replacement. You may need to make some changes to the structure depending on the size difference. Also, more structural support may be required.

      Do bay windows increase home value?

      Bay windows undoubtedly improve the value of the house, making it more desirable to customers as well as more attractive and stylish.