Why Canadian Window Companies Don’t Disclose Prices

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Money rules everything. This couldn’t be more true about home renovations and window replacements. A lot of the time, people are chasing the hottest deal or the best discount, but in the end, you still get what you pay for.

The needs of your replacement may dictate the budget, but sometimes it works the other way around and your budget has to accommodate the needs.

Either way, the price or the final quote that you get, should be reflective of the quality of the product and workmanship of the window installers.

But anyone who has shopped around for a window quote will know, even if you have the precise dimensions of windows that need to be changed, it is almost impossible to get the exact cost of replacement windows over the phone or e-mail.

Why you don’t want a window quote over the phone

For the large part, Canadian window companies don’t disclose their prices upfront. That being said, most of the time even though we at Ecoline Windows can’t provide an exact quote or price over the phone, we still try to give customers a range of prices the window should fall into. Though not exact, it still helps when it comes to budgeting for the project and deciding whether it’s time for new replacement windows.

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Bow window
The reason why most companies don’t give prices unless they come to see your house is because the condition of your windows and wall structure dictates the amount and type of work required.

It is difficult to give an exact window price right away because for the following reasons:

Window Installation

Installation is a key, if not the crucial part of your replacement. Just because you want to replace a 40×30 in. slider window, the final price will depend greatly on how the windows will be installed. Check out our previous post on full frame vs. retrofit windows to see how these methods differ and why there is usually a difference in prices. Unless you are a professional, most of the time it is difficult to say what kind of replacement is required, without actually seeing the condition of the windows and surrounding structure.


Even if you’re looking for the very basic product, there are still a lot of features that go into the window, and therefore influence how accurate the final price is. Even if you’re not looking for combinations of units or shapes, there are still decisions to be made that affect the final numbers. Using the example of the slider window above it’s not hard to see why companies would be hesitant to provide a flat-out price over the phone without getting into some particulars. For example: what kind of casings will the new windows have? Does the window need to be a specific colour or have grills to match other styles? Will it need low-emissivity coatings, gas fills, or security glass? All these things contribute to the final price of the windows. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, it is still best to discuss with a product consultant to make sure that the features and options you get are exactly what your house needs.


Most customers today are fairly educated on the topic by the time the window contract is signed. That’s why giving the price upfront is difficult sometimes in the sense that customers tend to hold companies to the first price they are told. For most consultants it’s much easier to have a discussion with the customer about what they want and derive the quote once, instead of saying how many windows should cost and then trying to change the price at the appointment.


Of course, it would be dishonest to talk about window prices without mentioning the overhead. Needless to say, all companies include it in their prices, and it’s a standard part of operating a business. But just how much overhead and what it goes towards, differs depending on the company. In short, are they merely trying to maximize their profit, or is the extra money you’re paying going toward running a business properly. Scheduling and service departments are part of the operating cost some people may not want to pay for, but in the end, you’re better for having it. Assuming your windows are supposed to last you around twenty-five years, it is difficult to imagine that nothing will break or go wrong in that time. When you need a repair or replacement for a part of the window, you want someone to be there to answer your questions, rather than a disconnected phone line.

It is a reality of the window manufacturing business that most companies don’t provide prices without scheduling consultation appointments. This isn’t to try and pitch to you, or close the deal in person. Most of the time, there are simply too many variables that go into even the basic product, for an exact price to be derived without seeing the windows.

Yet, the price is an important factor in whether most people decide to replace their windows at all. Although at Ecoline Windows we try to stay away from giving prices over the phone or based on dimensions, we try to help potential clients budget project by providing price ranges they can expect to pay for one window or another. Our pricing page offers price ranges for all styles windows, as well as what a customer, can expect from their product and installation.

StyleSmall Triple GlassMedium Triple GlassLarge Triple Glass
AWNING $ 407 - $ 1,342 $ 108 - $ 2,181 n/a
CASEMENT $ 529 - $ 1,919 $ 850 - $ 1,767 n/a
CASEMENT - FIXED CASEMENT(Fixed) $ 731 $ 795 - $ 2,222 $ 2,320
CASEMENT - PICTURE $ 1,265 - $ 1,325 $ 342 - $ 2,566 $ 1,774 - $ 4,163
DOUBLE HUNG $ 559 - $ 1,163 $ 1,213 n/a
FIXED CASEMENT(Fixed) $ 377 - $ 1,033 $ 1,016 - $ 1,998 $ 1,562 - $ 2,801
PICTURE $ 86 - $ 1,918 $ 183 - $ 2,473 $ 971 - $ 3,336
PICTURE - PICTUREn/a $ 1,103 - $ 2,112 $ 905 - $ 3,487
SINGLE HUNG $ 397 - $ 1,271 $ 199 - $ 1,889 n/a
SINGLE SLIDER - LIFT OUT $ 721 - $ 938 $ 550 - $ 2,053 n/a
SINGLE SLIDER - TILT $ 123 - $ 1,208 $ 122 - $ 2,259 n/a