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    All You Need To Know About Casement Windows in Edmonton

    When it comes to window change, it can make you dizzy. There are so many window types and styles, each with its own benefits. Exterior casement windows are gaining more and more popularity in the modern market. Known for their versatility and efficiency, they can be your best choice.

    Casement windows have hinges on the side, opening outward to the left or right ensuring complete ventilation from top to bottom. They open and close easily due to their turnable handle and excellent hardware. Edmonton homeowners are also welcome to choose energy-efficient fixed casement windows that don’t open but still provide lots of natural light.

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      Why choose new casement windows?

      • high energy-efficiency
      • excellent ventilation
      • easy care and maintenance
      • reliability and safety
      • durability

      If you’re looking for casement windows in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. Ecoline offers the widest range of custom-made windows in various styles and colors. Use this buying guide from the leading provider in Edmonton to learn more about casement window replacement, materials, types, and features. Whether your home has a more traditional look or you want something fresh and up-to-date, we’ve got vinyl casement windows to suit your needs.

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      How much does casement window replacement cost?

      This is largely based on the size and style, as well as the type of installation. We calculate the cost depending on your specifications. In general, casement windows in Edmonton won’t burden your wallet more than other windows while bringing high security and energy efficiency.

      Get a cost estimate.

      Shop Casement Windows By The Style

      Casement Fixed Egress Casement
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      The use of fixed casement windows simplifies the design, and thus reduces the cost. Fixed models provide a beautiful view and good light transmission, but don’t ensure ventilation since they can’t be opened. The National Building Code of Canada requires that every living space have at least one egress window large enough to allow an emergency exit.
      Therefore, in some cases, it’s better to use a casement-picture-casement window combination with a fixed picture window in the center that doesn’t open, surrounded by casement windows on both sides. An egress casement window is a side-hinged window that pivots outward to open like a door. Egress casement windows look good and are very easy to use.
      It’s not the most popular among other casement window styles, but perfect for safety and escape in case of emergency.

      Shop Casement Windows By The Types

      Single Double Triple
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      A single casement window consists of glass panels placed in a single frame.
      Being probably the most popular choice among other casement window types, this option has a simple yet stylish appearance and is surprisingly easy to maintain.
      Plus, a single casement window replacement is more affordable compared to other designs.
      Double casement windows consist of two windows connected by hinges on the sides. They open outward and join in the middle to close.
      Double casement windows are a little more expensive than a single option but are reliable and unpretentious in maintenance.
      Imagine three sides of a window bay and you’ll get how triple casement windows look like.
      They take up a lot of space on the wall while providing maximum ventilation in the room.
      This is the most expensive type of window yet can greatly enhance the look of your home.

      Comparing Different Types Of Windows: What Is Better?

      Not sure if casement windows are exactly what you need? Let’s compare them with other most popular models.

      Awning vs Casement Window Models

      Both of these models are similar in style: they are easy to open and close with the turn of a convenient folding handle. They can be made in large sizes and thus provide plenty of air and natural light and therefore universal for any space. Unlike casement windows, awning windows only open outwards horizontally.

      Awning windows: Casement windows:
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      • rain protection
      • space saving
      • providing an unobstructed view
      • easy cleaning and maintaining
      • more energy efficient
      • ensure better ventilation capacity
      • cannot be cleaned from the inside
      • installation can cause problems in terms of compliance with building codes
      • cannot be used as an emergency exit
      • are more expensive
      • don’t provide an unobstructed view

      Casement vs Double Hung Windows Models

      These models are very different in the type of construction. A double-hung window has two opening sashes that slide vertically, opening and closing it. This type of window is commonly used as the main type of window unit in vintage cottage-style buildings, while casement windows go well with modern style.

      Double Hung windows Casement windows:
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      • usually have a more affordable price
      • closed bottom sash guarantees child safety
      • are more durable, especially in humid climates
      • are more energy efficient
      • easy to operate
      • no sash dividing the window and obstructing the view
      • can be difficult to roll up and down
      • possible air leak
      • are more expensive
      • are more exposed to outside influences

      Casement vs Picture Windows Models

      Picture windows are non-opening models. Their replacement can significantly save on glazing of rooms where ventilation is not required. However, homeowners often use them in combination with opening windows. These models are perfect for floor-to-ceiling design in high rooms.

      Picture windows: Casement windows:
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      • simple design and no locking mechanisms ensure durability and minimum maintenance
      • great light transmission
      • provide better sealing
      • are more secure
      • excellent ventilation capacity
      • are easier to clean
      • don’t provide any ventilation
      • difficult to clean
      • are more exposed to outside influences
      • not so secure due to opening mechanism

      Casement Vs Sliding Windows Models

      Sliding windows are distinguished by a special frame design with longitudinal guides. When opening or closing, the sash moves along these guides. Thus, it constantly remains in the plane of the frame, unlike casement models. They turn out to be the best solution in rooms where you need excellent ventilation and space saving: in the bathroom, kitchen, washing rooms, etc.

      Sliding windows: Casement windows:
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      • space saving
      • sash fixation
      • wide range of glazing options
      • are more energy-efficient
      • provide better ventilation
      • are more suitable for narrow spaces
      • insufficient heat and sound insulation
      • more difficult maintenance
      • limited ventilation
      • are more expensive
      • not so space-efficient

      Tilt Windows Vs Casement Models

      Tilt windows are usually made of one fixed and two movable sashes that tilt inward when opened. This model provides ventilation without cluttering up the space.

      Tilt windows: Casement windows:
      casement fixed windows casement fixed windows
      • affordable price
      • save space inside
      • stunning and functional multi-chambered design
      • are more energy-efficient
      • provide better ventilation
      • are easier to maintain
      • are more expensive to install
      • costly to repair
      • inward opening only
      • are more expensive
      • are more exposed to outside influences

      Custom Casement Windows For Your Home

      Order casement window design as unique as your project. If you are looking for a model larger than the standard one, with an unusual shape or a certain color, we’re ready to offer you a unique solution exactly to your specifications.

      Choose Your Colour

      Match your window colour to your home design. At Ecoline, we offer a rich selection of colors and decors. You’re free to choose both the color of the frame and the glass.

      Besides standard colors such as black, white, brown, beige, slate gray, and so on, we can make it completely custom to fit perfectly your specific decor.

      We use high-quality paint to ensure durability, a great look, and minimal maintenance for your windows.

      Choose Your Shape

      Need a custom-shaped window? We have all the necessary equipment for obtaining non-standard forms and qualified specialists who will help bring your original idea to life and highlight the architectural features of your building. Oval, ellipse, pentagon, isosceles triangle, gothic eyebrow, and much more – we can make windows of any custom shape to order.

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        Choose Your Type Of Glazing

        You can upgrade your windows with different types of glazing to improve their thermal performance.

        • LoE Glass Coatings

        Ecoline’s windows are equipped with a Low-E coating used to increase energy efficiency by reflecting sun rays. Such a solution prevents heat losses from your home while giving some savings on heating costs.

        • Argon & Krypton Gas

        The thermal conductivity of Argon and Krypton gases is much lower than air, so heat loss through such a window is much less. Thus, window panes filled with these inert gases can significantly reduce the level of heat loss in the room, as well as provide a high level of thermal and sound insulation.

        • Double- & Triple-Pane Windows

        Everyone is looking for a way to make their home more energy efficient and save money. That’s why homeowners are increasingly choosing multi-pane windows – for their ability to save energy and therefore help reduce monthly bills. Indeed, double and triple-pane windows can lower the heat transfer coefficient which means less heat is lost.

        How do double and triple pane windows differ?

        Choosing the optimal design is not always easy. The answer to the question of which is better largely depends on the purpose of the room and on the budget.

        The main difference between models is their construction. Double-pane windows consist of two layers of glass forming a single unit with air or gas between the two panes; triple-pane ones are made out of three pieces of glass, respectively.

        There are several factors to consider when choosing between these options:

        • Both double- and triple-pane windows offer excellent noise protection and energy savings but triple-pane windows perform a bit better – they have a lower U-factor which means they let less heat in (during the summer) and less heat out (during the winter).
        •  Both types of windows are durable enough, but according to some experts, triple-pane windows are more prone to seal failures.
        • Being more advanced and more energy-sufficient, triple-pane windows are consequently more costly. 
        •  Triple-pane windows are harder to install. Their weight is much more than other models, so the load on the fittings increases. The large weight of the construction may make the installation impossible, for example in case of too thin walls or their dilapidation

        Not sure which kind of window is right for you? Ecoline is Edmonton’s window replacement expert so you don’t have to be. We’ll consider your needs and offer the best options.


        How to measure casement windows?

        The most reliable way to measure windows correctly is to book a consultation. Our specialist will visit your home, take accurate measurements, set the size, and help you choose the best windows to match your house exterior.

        Are casement windows more expensive than other types of windows?

        Yes, casement windows tend to be a bit more expensive than most other models. But keep in mind that the price depends not only on the type of windows but also on their size, materials and components, installation quality, etc.

        Do casement windows have screens?

        Yes, casement windows can be equipped with removable screens, which are usually installed from the inside where they are better protected from bad weather impact.