You are either just about to embark on a window replacement project, or perhaps you have just completed one, and you may find yourself wondering if you can keep your old windows and reuse them for something else. Repurposing older materials to add to the aesthetic of your home is very popular these days, and if you have been curious about what you can do with old window frames, you are not alone!

Here are a few ideas for ways to reuse those older frames:

  • Put saved corks into a frame with window grills to make a cute corkboard (Image credit)

  • Reuse to put in swatches of fabric or art pieces to make a statement piece for the wall

  • Make hanging frames for picture collages

  • Repaint to make a rustic headboard for your bed

  • Keep the glass in, or put stronger glass in, to make a cute picnic table for your backyard

  • Use an unusual looking window frame to frame a large mirror

  • Add to a bookcase or cabinet front to make an enclosed shelving unit (Image credit)


Just take a peek around online (Pinterest is a great start) and you’ll find oodles of inspiration for creative ways to upcycle those old windows and doors. This is especially a good idea if you found yourself in love with the older wooden frames on your house, but it just isn’t feasible to keep using them as a good seal from the weather. This way you can breathe new life into the same frames, and you can keep on loving those older windows and doors you loved before, just in an entirely new way.You can also feel good about finding a cost effective way to keep those older frames relevant. Now that you have some ideas for how to upcycle your older frames you might feel a little more confident about undergoing a window replacement project.

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