Got a crack or break in your glass? This is a pretty common concern we hear about from clients looking for a consultation appointment. Hail damage, loose pebbles from your lawn mower, and even sudden temperature changes can lead to the glass in your existing windows cracking or breaking. But does mean you need to replace the whole window?


That depends not only on the glass itself, but also on the general condition of your windows, and the technologies that went into building it.

Generally, it is more challenging to repair the glazing on a modern window. Most custom windows today utilize some kind of sealed unit technology. This usually implies either an argon or krypton gas fill between the glass panes or a vacuum seal for minimal heat transfer between the outside and your home.

A cracked or broken glass does more than just damage the aesthetic of your Canadian home. A failed seal significantly reduces the energy efficiency of your windows, rendering them close to useless.

In older windows, replacing the glass pane may be a more simplified solution. Wooden and aluminum windows that are older than 20 years usually don’t have a sealed unit, and often the frame allows for panes to be taken out and replaced. However, windows that are that old generally have bigger issues and need to be replaced anyways.

There are numerous solutions on the market today for repairing broken glass. Different tapes, silicone seals, and even nail polish can be used to seal cracks of different sizes. But remember, in most cases, these are just temporary fixes. Whether you know for sure the seal on your windows has gone or not, it is still idea to get cracked windows checked out by a window repair or replacement company.

The cause of the crack is also important to consider. If the crack is a result of change in temperature and atmospheric pressure, your windows may still be covered by warranty. Unfortunately, there is no warranty for all the other things life may throw at your Edmonton windows.

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