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Oct 7, 2021

Jun 7, 2023

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Have you recently replaced your windows or doors with more energy-efficient units? Or maybe you are just about to shop for new products? If so, you are welcome to make use of a new Efficiency Manitoba rebate to help you finance your home renovation project!

What is Efficiency Manitoba Windows & Doors rebate about?

With a brand new rebate, homeowners living in Manitoba are welcome to apply for support financing their home renovation projects for window and door replacement. Last year, the Efficiency Manitoba program achieved remarkable success, prompting the local government to take action.

They’ve decided to significantly boost the rebate amounts that homeowners can apply for. This change comes into effect starting June 1, 2023. Now, every window, entry or sliding glass door is eligible for a $100 rebate per unit. This is a substantial increase from the previous $50 per unit before June 1.

You can apply for this rebate, which covers up to 20 windows and/or doors (in total) for a single property over the rebate’s lifetime. The total rebate amount to claim is up to $2000. This is a fantastic chance to upgrade your home while enjoying significant savings.

How to take part in the program?

Homeowners are expected to go through several steps in order to apply and participate in the windows & doors efficiency rebate program:

Step 1. Make sure you qualify

  • All windows and doors you bought and installed must be ENERGY STAR certified with at least triple glazing.
  • Homeowners must apply for their rebate within 90 days of the purchase and installation date.
  • You have your new units installed in your residence. It means that commercial and seasonal properties can’t qualify.
  • Your new windows and doors must replace current units between an unheated space (e.g. outdoors) and a heated area.
  • Rebates are given based on the quantity of qualifying openings where your units were replaced. Each opening equals a single window and/or door. Therefore, installing a bay window that usually is made up of several window sections means you can apply for a rebate for 1 qualifying opening.
  • You can get a rebate of up to 20 windows and/or doors (totally) for 1 property over the Windows and Doors Rebate lifetime.

Step 2. Make sure all your products qualify

Your new replacement windows and doors must be ENERGY STAR certified with at least triple glazing. To check whether you have the required products, please check out these links for certified windows and doors.

Step 3. Purchase & Install units that qualify for the rebate program

Rebates are given to new windows and doors that are purchased in Canada from a supplier, contractor, or retailer and meet all the rebate requirements. You should also install your units before applying for this rebate.

Step 4. Submit your application

The final step for homeowners is to apply for the rebate using this online application form, attaching the supporting invoice. Remember that you can apply within 90 days of the final invoice date for your new windows and/or doors.

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    Which products are NOT eligible?

    Here is the list of the products you can NOT apply this rebate for:

    • Unoccupied homes
    • Garages, sunrooms, porches, and verandas
    • Seasonal homes, cottages, and cottage conversions
    • Apartments, vacation rentals, and outbuildings
    • Windows or doors installed in new openings. You should replace only existing windows and/or doors.

    Interested in other financing programs? Get more!

    If you need additional financing for your windows and doors renovation project, you are welcome to apply for Manitoba Hydro’s Home Energy Efficiency Loan. You can claim it together with a rebate from Efficiency Manitoba for windows and doors. But keep in mind to apply for financing before you start any work, including purchasing units.

    Need Help? Get in Touch with Ecoline!

    Ecoline Windows experts would be happy to help you apply for the program and explain everything in detail. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any support or want to participate in the windows & doors efficiency rebate.