Home Energy Loan Program: Up to $60,000 for Window Replacement in Saskatoon

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Sep 30, 2021

May 20, 2024

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Saskatoon homeowners are welcome to participate in The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) to fund their energy improvement projects. A HELP loan provides homeowners with a low-interest opportunity to cover the upfront costs to renovate their houses with energy-efficient units. 

Homeowners are welcome to claim up to $60,000 loan for new windows and exterior doors replacements. Interested? Keep reading to learn all the details!

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Low Interest Loan of Up to $60,000 on New Windows & Doors

Learn how to claim your loan with HELP program in Saskatoon!
Claim $60,000 Windows Loan

Why Should You Get the Loan for Windows?

A HELP loan is provided to the property, not the individual. What does it mean? In simple words, if you move out before the loan is paid off, the new property owner is welcome to make the loan payments to receive the benefits from the renovations, making window replacement in Saskatoon a long-term benefit for any party involved.

Moreover, investing in your home’s energy efficiency saves money in the long term by cutting down on your utility bills. Embracing these changes to your home also helps to slow down climate change by reducing household greenhouse gas emissions. 

Home Energy Loan Program: How to Check the Eligibility?

The program is very friendly o towards homeowners. If you own a single-family residential home, including detached homes, semi-detached homes, and row housing, within Saskatoon City, you are eligible for HELP. But keep in mind the following aspects. Your home must:  

  • NOT have any outstanding taxes  
  • Be located within the city of Saskatoon  
  • Be a single-family residential home

Moreover, your home must be an existing home. In other words, new homes under construction are not eligible for HELP. 

You, as the applicant, must:  

  • Be an individual
  • Be the owner of the home where you want to make upgrades 
  • Have all your utility bills, taxes, and any other municipal charges paid.  
17 - Window Prices 1 -min

Low Interest Loan of Up to $60,000 on New Windows & Doors

Learn how to claim your loan with HELP program in Saskatoon!
Claim $60,000 Windows Loan

Saskatoon Window Replacement Loan: Terms in 2024

The minimum loan is $1,000, while the maximum amount for the HELP is $40,000. If Saskatoon homeowners can prove that their project will reduce home energy consumption by 50% or more, the maximum loan amount is $60,000.  

To participate in the HELP, a $500 administration fee is charged. The repayment terms include the following options:

Term Length (years) Interest Rate
5 3.63%
10 3.94%
20 4.42%

Window & exterior door replacements are among the renovations you can apply for, but keep in mind that all the products must comply with ENERGY STAR standards.

How to Apply for the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)?

In order to apply for the program, make sure your project and home are eligible for HELP and meet all the requested criteria. If so, you are welcome to go to this page and initiate the application process that boils down to the following steps:

  • Initial application;
  • Energy audit, funding request, and contract signing;
  • Installment request;
  • Project completion;
  • Loan repayment.

Ecoline Windows experts are happy to help you apply for the program and explain everything in detail, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any support or want to participate in HELP.

What Other Window Replacement Grants and Loans are Available to Homeowners in Saskatoon?

Even though the HELP program benefits most homeowners, you can still claim other offers for even bigger savings or combine them with your application to HELP.

  • Ecoline Green Grant. Homeowners are welcome to apply for our own initiative, which offers up to $3,750 for replacing windows, doors, and patio doors. The program aims to continue government efforts to support energy-efficient home upgrades and is not limited to product type, glass type, or specific R-value for windows. All Ecoline products qualify!
  • Canadian Greener Homes Loan. This federal program offers up to $40,000 loan for windows and doors. The interest rate is zero, and the repayment term is 10 years. The program has a high approval rate and is a great chance to support your window replacement project.


Homeowners in Saskatoon can get up to $60,000 loan for energy efficient upgrades such as window and door replacements. The maximum repayment term is 20 years, and the interest rate varies from 3.63% to 4.42%.