There are many ways you can improve your home to increase its energy efficiency. Along with the tips, we went over earlier for inside your home, there are improvements that you can consider for the outside. For example, by improving the landscaping in the yard you can not only conserve, but also increase the energy efficiency of your house.

Advantages to buying windows in the winter: lower price. Disadvantages: none.

How, you ask?

Think about where your trees and shrubs are in the yard now. If you plant trees and shrubs closer to the house they can provide shade during the summer. During the winter, plants close to the house provide a kind of protective barrier to the home. By blocking the wind they can lessen the effects of windchill and keep your home warmer during the cold months. It also has the added benefit of having beautiful landscaping to look through once you replace your windows with new Energy Star rated windows.

Even Wikipedia offers resources and suggestions on how to make your home more energy efficient.

How smart landscaping improves energy efficiency in your home

  • Reducing the sound you hear coming in from outside the house.

  • Reducing solar damage to the outside of the house.

  • Creating a windbreak in front of your home.
  • And, good landscaping can lower your water and fuel costs.

If you do decide to engage in a landscaping project for your home here are some more tips to consider:

  • Make sure that all water drains away from the house.

  • Think about purchasing Energy Star compliant tools and equipment for your landscaping project.

  • Look into installing Energy Star approved roofing.

  • Think about replacing your windows with new Energy Star rated windows.

Should you wish to begin a landscaping project, it is a good idea to do some research into what kinds of trees and shrubs will be the most beneficial to the project you have in mind. Evergreens are some of the best trees to use as they don’t lose their foliage during the winter, and therefore can block the wind during some of the harshest weather conditions. Keep in mind the upkeep of any plants you decide to get. In addition, should you decide to expand the project into home renovations, investing in more energy efficient windows and roofing will not only help protect your home from the harsh winter weather but will give you the added bonus of saving some on your energy bills.

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