Awning windows are an ideal solution for a kitchen or any other room that might require ventilation throughout the whole year. These windows are some of the most popular, hassle-free choices when it comes to something that will last. Awnings are great for assisting with the natural airflow in your home, helping reduce moisture in the air and preventing condensation.


But while each window style has its own unique advantages, they also have specific shortcomings.

Awning windows are no exception, although comparatively, they are much less problematic than slider windows. Because the window opens outward, away from the bottom of the frame, it allows air in, even during rain or snow. But this method of operation also poses some challenges when planning your window replacement.

Window Size

If the awning is so good and versatile, why not just put it in every room? One big concern about awning windows is the fairly small maximum size in which they can be built. The bigger a window, the bigger, and in turn heavier its operable sash. A heavy sash creates more pressure on the frame that may cause it to warp or break over time. As a result, the maximum standard window size for awnings is significantly smaller than other styles, especially in triple-pane units.


Window Location

Awning windows are ideal for applications in kitchens. One main benefit of these windows is that you can keep them open and allow ventilation no matter the weather outside.


Another important thing to consider when deciding on awning windows is what is outside of the house where the window opens. Kitchens are often located at the back of the house, meaning the awning windows open above a deck. If not careful, you can bump into the open sash. It is also not advisable to put barbecue grills below these windows as the heat may cause damage and deformation to the unit.

Overall, awning windows are a great option for any home. If you plan properly you can enjoy the comfort and functional versatility of these windows for years to come.

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