At this point, everyone is familiar with the old “…but if you pay in cash I can give you a discount” story.

And no doubt, sometimes these deals are great. But mostly on goods or appliances. What makes a window replacement different, is that you’re paying for more than just the quality of the product.

A big determining factor in the cost to replace windows is also ensuring that they are properly installed and that you are taken care of in the event anything goes wrong within the warranty period. If you consider that most windows on the market are warranted for 20-30 years, it’s a big responsibility for a window company to guarantee that they will be there to address the problem down the road.

That’s why a lot of one-man-show companies offer cash deals in the first place. They can just sell and install the window for cheaper, knowing that they probably won’t be the ones to fix them. As such, a bad warranty is the number one reason to avoid cash deals when looking for new windows. Let’s look at some others:

  1. Unrealistic Pricing
    Think about it this way, if the salesperson is able to give you a low price for windows only if you pay by cash, chances are they can offer you that deal anyways. Often these cash deals exist to create a sense of immediacy and make a homeowner feel like if they pass up on the deal they won’t get the discount. Realistically, however, if you are dealing with a trustworthy company there isn’t any reason for feeling rushed: your windows are manufactured to order and will only be made once the contract is signed.


  1. Bad contracts
    The whole premise of a cash deal usually implies that something is being done off the books. Most often it’s a “save the tax” kind of deal. But if you are signing a contract with the company, they should still be responsible for collecting the tax. The price is usually adjusted then, so that what you pay actually ends up being a lowered quote and the tax to make it look like you’re paying the amount without tax. Worse yet is when these kinds of deals result in companies coming back and asking for more money because the original quote was unprofitably lowered. This is sometimes acceptable if you’re doing a bay window re-build, but for most window replacement projects the price on the contract you sign should be the one you pay in the end.


  1. Fake companies
    Even if a company has a shiny website, a paper contract, and a bunch of branded merchandise, doesn’t always mean the business is legitimate. In fact, most trustworthy companies prefer working with credit cards, and cheques rather than physically moving cash around just to make sure they’re paid. These transactions benefit both the business and the client, because not only are they efficient, but they leave a paper trail of dealings between the company and the client. Cash deals only benefit the company as they imply the client has complete trust in what’s written in the contract, and therefore the company. Make sure that the company you are considering for your replacement is registered with Industry Canada and/or any provincial organizations like Service Alberta.


  1. Bad quality product
    Unfortunately, when it comes to window replacement, cash deals defeat the purpose of what they’re made for in the first place. While you can still get a quality fridge or a stove for a couple hundred dollars less elsewhere, the effect with replacement windows is opposite. Even if the company is offering products from a reliable manufacturer for part of the cost, chances are the windows will be from the lowest quality line. Worse yet, they could end up being stock windows, or ones that were measured wrong for another project. Paying for windows that are improperly measured for your existing opening, can be like buying winter boots with holes in them.


We all know to be aware of cash deals. Yet posts like these exist because time and time again homeowners step on the same nail while trying to get the best deal. But as you’re getting quotes from different window companies, consider why some are significantly lower than others, and whether the missing pieces are worth the immediate savings.


At Ecoline Windows, we are a registered company with Industry Canada. We take pride in providing honest quotes and delivering the best quality product to our customers. Our designated service department is there to ensure your warranty concerns are handled efficiently and properly, and that your windows are taken care of for the duration of their warranty period.

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