What are you ultimately looking for in new windows? Sure they have to be energy efficient and make your home comfortable. They also have to look good and match the overall appearance of your home. But there is also one important feature that people don’t often consider during their decision-making process, that they later come to regret.

That is your new vinyl window’s Sound Transmission Class (STC). Or simply, how soundproof the windows are.

You don’t have to dig deep into online reviews for local window suppliers to find unhappy customers complaining about how their replacements are even less soundproof than their used windows.

The commonly used ER rating system, which is the standard measurement for windows efficiency takes the following into consideration: air loss through leakage, heat loss through conduction, and solar heat gains. What it doesn’t take into consideration is the Sound Transmission Coefficient.

Although hypothetically, windows with higher ER ratings incorporate a lot of the elements that also make them more soundproof, better energy efficiency doesn’t always mean reduced noise.

While you may not care about this if you live in a quiet residential neighborhood, it makes the world of difference for customers in close proximity to highways or major transportation routes.

If you are specifically considering soundproof windows with superior STC, you have several options. Although they are generally far less energy efficient than their vinyl counterparts, aluminum windows offer far better noise reduction from outside.

Another option customers have without compromising the energy efficiency of their custom windows, is the laminated glass. The name here pretty much speaks for itself as laminated stands for Sound, Security, Performance. laminated glass utilizes a thicker glazing on the interior side of the window. This glazing is not only break-proof but also significantly reduces noise from the outside.

Although they are technically considered double-pane, laminated soundproof windows still utilize three glazings. Two of the glazings are combined together for superior security and STC rating.

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