Let’s face it, Canada has been going through some turbulent economic times in the last year. With the prices of oil see-sawing all over the place, there is no telling what will happen tomorrow. For people in Alberta, there is even less certainty about their future.

So naturally, many people are putting off their renovation projects or window replacements until better days. But here are some thoughts as to why you probably shouldn’t.


First off, the economy is never in a “good” place. This has been true for the better part of the last century. Sure there are upswings, and general increase in job creation and GDP, but truly most Canadians today can’t say they lived in a widespread time of prosperity and affluence. Instead, fearful for tomorrow we try to save and put off spending when that is really what fuels our economy. If everyone today decided to stop their expenses, except for basic essentials, we’d be in a far worse place. Yet that collective mentality is deeply entrenched in our everyday lives.

Time and time again we hear from customers: “Maybe next year, not quite sure if the timing is right.” Newsflash for you, the timing will never be right. The economy might be better a year or two from now, but it certainly won’t be the best. What is for sure, though, is that the windows you need, won’t get any cheaper than they are today.

And if you’re already considering replacing them, chances are they need to be replaced. We know just as well as anyone else that custom windows are not some kind of luxury item people wake up looking forward to buying. You’d probably faster take the family on a trip or buy a new car.

But there are two sides to every coin. And tumultuous economic times for business, mean a great position of advantage for customers. Because companies are hungry for more business, they are often willing to lower their prices, or offer you discounts that they wouldn’t during the busy season. Because cold weather usually means downtime for Canadian window companies, now is a perfect time to properly budget your replacement project. You get the benefit of bargaining for a better price while the economy and the weather haven’t turned around.
Booking in a slower time also gives you the advantage of having your windows installed at a convenient date for you, as opposed to the scheduling department of your chosen company.

As a side note, do make sure every company you consider has a scheduling department, beware of companies that leave scheduling up their installers.

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