As you are shopping for replacement windows, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. Besides the more popular vinyl option, many companies today manufacture fiberglass, aluminum, and even wood windows. There are even hybrid windows from a combination of materials.

Because vinyl windows are the most popular choice for replacements today, a lot of companies also carry different lines of product that fit different budgets. If you’re looking to replace a small window or one in a back room, you may not necessarily need all the bells and whistles of extra energy efficient triple pane windows. Having budget options is a great way to properly price your project, and save money on your order.

Unfortunately for some customers, with every new technology also comes an opportunity for bad window companies to exploit you for your money.


And we wouldn’t mention it if we haven’t heard about it first hand, but there are companies out there that will sell you one product, but install something completely different.

Product Quality

One of the common ways shady companies rip off homeowners is by charging for their premium line of window and putting it down on the contract as such, but the actual product they install is from their economy line. Because the two windows can look very identical, it can be quite difficult to figure out whether a window is quality or not.

One of the ways to battle this is to shop for windows that are ENERGY STAR rated and CSA approved. These organizations require participant companies to label the windows according to their performance, so there is less wiggle room for getting a bad product. Of course stickers can sometimes be changed, but you should be very wary if your order arrives with no labelling at all.

Installation type

Another way companies can scam unknowing clients, is by providing a lesser installation type.

There are two main types of window installation: full-frame and retrofit. A full-frame installation is more thorough as the windows get replaced down to the rough opening, requiring more new material and labour. Ultimately however, if done correctly, a full-frame installation will be better for your windows in the long run.

The problem is, some companies will tell you that they’re doing a full-frame replacement, they will even charge you for one, but come installation day, they put in retrofit windows.

So how do you avoid getting cheated?

The same way you avoid being taken advantage of with anything else. Simply do your research and know what you’re dealing with. Whether you’re going to a showroom or the consultant is bringing samples to your home, if the company has different types of product in the same material, ask to be shown all the types. Look for the differences in manufacturing and window components that may be in one type and not the other. A good consultant that isn’t trying to trick you, should not only be able to explain the difference between the types, but suggest which kind is best for your home. Although we do live in some of the harshest climates in the world, you may be surprised to find that you don’t need the highest performance windows.

As with everything in life, don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have before you put pen to paper because afterward it may be too late.

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