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    Window Prices in Saskatoon: An Ultimate Guide [2024]

    May 21, 2024

    May 21, 2024

    7 min read


    What factors should be considered when estimating the cost of a window replacement in Saskatoon? Of course, you want new windows to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. It’s also important that the window replacement project doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Getting new windows isn’t always the cheapest project, but with some research, you can ensure that you get real value out of your investment.

    How Much Do Windows Cost in Saskatoon?

    Let’s begin with a very simple breakdown of average window costs. Remember, size, the number of panes, and any additional upgrades determine how windows are priced, but here is the approximate price range for popular location within your home:

    • Bedroom or Kitchen window prices range between $700 and $2600 on average.
    • Bow or Bay window prices range between $2,800 to $4,500
    • Living room window prices range between $650 to $3,000
    • Standard size patio door prices range between $1,500 and $3,500
    • Basement window prices on average are between $300 – $1100

    The prices indicated are approximate and may vary based on the custom features you choose when getting a quote for your particular project. Check out our replacement window cost estimator below to find an average price for new windows based on your specific requirements. To get a detailed quote, please get in touch with Ecoline’s local team in Saskatoon.

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    When pricing a window replacement in Saskatoon, consider the installation type, window style, and it's performance rating as a basis.
    When pricing a window replacement in Saskatoon, consider the installation type, window style, and it’s performance rating as a basis.

    Full-Frame vs. Retrofit Window Installation Cost

    In Saskatoon, homeowners typically encounter two primary window installation methods: full-frame (brick-to-brick) replacement and retrofit (insert) installation. Each type varies in its comprehensiveness and, consequently, in cost. On average, a full-frame replacement is about 15-20% more expensive than a retrofit. The choice between these two, however, might not be entirely in your hands.

    • Retrofit installation involves keeping the existing window frame intact, removing the old sashes, and installing new sealed units. This method is not recommended if your window’s wood framing shows signs of moisture or mould damage, a common issue in older prairie homes. In such cases, a full-frame replacement is the better option. Opting for a retrofit in these scenarios is merely a temporary fix, as the underlying frame issues will eventually necessitate more extensive repairs.
    • A full-frame replacement addresses all structural issues with the window frame. A skilled window installer will completely remove the old window, inspect the opening for moisture damage, and then install a new frame, window, jambs, and brick moulds, ensuring a thorough seal from both the exterior and interior. This method provides long-term protection and efficiency.

    However, distinguishing between these two installation types can be challenging for many homeowners. It’s important to be cautious of companies that might misrepresent a retrofit as a full-frame replacement, charging significantly more for less comprehensive work.

    How Quality Determines the Window Price in Saskatoon

    As we mentioned above, full-frame installation is the best way to replace windows. However, even the best windows can leave your home susceptible to leaks and water damage if not installed properly.

    But how do you make sure that you’re buying good quality windows? After all, most vinyl windows will look similar to the untrained eye, and it is often easy to pass off a lesser quality window for premium products.

    • Energy Star Rating: Ensure the windows have an Energy Star rating with a minimum energy rating of 34 for optimal insulation and energy efficiency. All companies whose windows are Energy Star rated can be found on this Natural Resources Canada website. Buying rated and tested windows is the best way to make sure that you’re paying for a quality product.
    • Professional Installation: Always have windows installed by professionals to guarantee correct fitting, which is essential for preventing leaks and ensuring durability.
    • NAFS-11 Testing: Choose windows that are NAFS-11 tested, confirming they meet high standards for air, water, and structural performance.
    • Government Rebates: Opt for windows that qualify for maximum government rebates, which not only helps with cost but also indicates a higher energy efficiency standard.
    • Aesthetic Compatibility: Select windows that align with your home’s exterior and interior design, ensuring they enhance your house’s overall look and feel.

    All in all, you get what you pay for. Window replacement is not a cheap project, yet it significantly affects your house’s energy efficiency and aesthetics. Before signing a replacement contract, thoroughly discuss everything with your window company’s representative and receive a detailed price for windows (quote) with all the necessary energy specifications.

    Saskatoon Window Prices: Casement vs. Slider windows

    Just like there are two types of window installation, there are two main types of vinyl windows when it comes to pricing your replacement: crank (casement or awning windows) and sliding windowsCrank windows can cost up to 20% more than sliding ones. But why? The answer is simply that they are more efficient.

    • Modern crank windows use compression seals in the area where the moving sash meets the frame. These are areas where drafts and leaks are most likely to occur. A compression seal creates an airtight unit when the window is closed and prevents warm air from escaping your home.
    • Slider windows and old casement units rely on weather stripping, which is not as effective and, therefore, makes for a less efficient window.
    • Another advantage of crank windows, is the ease with which they can be opened and closed. Many people don’t consider it, but sashes in modern vinyl windows can get quite heavy, especially if it is a triple-pane unit. In sliding windows you have to move the sash by hand, which can be difficult as is, and especially so if the window is in a harder to reach area over a sink.
    • Casement and awning windows rely on crank technology to move the sash. Crank windows require roughly 1/10th of the force to operate. Because you’re not pulling on the sash all the time, the window also won’t deform or bow as it can sometimes happen with sliding windows.

    The table below provides you with a brief comparison of the most popular models based on window prices by size, style and location within your house. Remember that all prices shown are approximate and relevant as of 2024.

    StyleLocationAVG Price - SmallAVG Price - MediumAVG Price - Large
    SINGLE SLIDER - TILTBedroom $1,021.80 $1,545.38 $1,479.14
    PICTURELiving room $875.66 $1,655.26 $1,765.62
    CASEMENTLiving room $1,260.72 $1,478.76 $2,147.49
    SINGLE HUNGFront Bedroom $1,041.80 $1,373.11 $5,019.00
    CASEMENT - PICTUREBack bedroom $1,685.70 $1,992.08 $2,300.03
    AWNINGKitchen $1,158.25 $1,543.77 $1,580.64

    Learn more about the difference between crank and sliding windows


    How much do windows cost in Saskatoon?

    The cost of windows in Saskatoon can vary widely based on factors such as window type, material, size, and whether it’s a full-frame replacement or a retrofit. The typical price range for a standard casement window is $594-$1228.

    What is the average labour cost to install a replacement window?

    Labour and window installation costs largely depend on your home itself: its conditions, structure, and so on. The second important factor is the type of window installation, whether it is a retrofit or a full-frame installation (the latter is more expensive).

    What is the price to replace windows in my house?

    The final price depends on many factors, such as the number of windows to replace, glazing, type and style, size, location, etc. Contact our team in Saskatoon for a free quote and consultation.