Not all used window related problems require a full window replacement. For newer homes, well-maintained homes and those with relatively new windows, window replacement is usually the most expensive and unnecessary option.

How do you know if your windows need replacing?

To better understand the current state of your existing window we compiled a list of some basic things you can do in order to assess its condition.

  • Number of window panes
    If the windows are single pane then it would be a good idea to replace them. By installing new double or triple pane energy efficient windows, you are probably looking at cutting the heat loss through the windows by half.
  • Window glass
    If the window glass is broken, loose, or has moisture in between the panes it will be a good idea to contact the original manufacturer in order to replace the glass, that should address the problem.
  • Window material
    If your windows are made of vinyl there might be a good chance that they do not need replacing. A lifetime of vinyl windows is at least 20 years.
  • Air leakages
    Check for air leaks around your windows. Light an incense stick, candle or a lighter and walk around the window frame. If the window does not have too many air leaks and is in a good reasonable condition consider new caulking and weatherstripping.
  • Window hardware
    Check for ease of operation, loose or faulty hardware. Sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing these parts and you can postpone a major window replacement. If they are in a very bad condition and your window frame or sash is damaged, consider replacing your old window.
  • Condensation
    If you have excessive condensation on the room side of the window, first of all, you should try to reduce the amount of moisture in your home, click here for more information about condensation. If there’s condensation between the panes it means that your sealed unit is broken and you’re not getting any energy efficiency benefits because the gas escaped. In this case, contact the manufacturer to see if your warranty is still valid and get a quote for a new sealed unit. Don’t forget to compare the cost of the new sealed unit with a brand new energy-efficient window. If the price range is about the same we definitely recommend you to go with a brand new window. It will give you a 25-year warranty.

At Ecoline Windows we understand the value of a window replacement. But we also know that not all window problems have to result in a replacement. Our project consultants will do their best to advise you on which windows need to be replaced, and which can still be repaired or salvaged. While other companies charge for this service, for us it is just a part of doing business honestly. If your windows do require replacement, our knowledgeable window specialists perform thorough installations to ensure efficiency and longevity for your new units.