Cost Of Window Replacement In Ottawa: Factors To Consider

Find out more about how much it costs to replace windows in Ottawa in 2022, including the considerations to make and a comparison of window types.

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Sep 26, 2022

Nov 23, 2023

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If you’re considering replacing your old windows or expanding your house, then researching window prices in Ottawa should be your first step. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide to window replacement costs. Use it to understand the different options and prices available when it comes to upgrading your home.

What Affects The Price Of Windows In Ottawa?

Knowing how much it costs to change a window in Ottawa can help keep your budget in line. But the thing is that calculating the project price can be challenging. The following factors can affect the cost of window replacement:

  • Location within the home
  • Window type
  • Window size
  • Installation type

Here, we’re going to break down the average cost of windows in Ottawa by main aspects and considerations so you can have a clear idea of what budget you need. You can also calculate the average cost of window replacement in Ottawa using our calculator:

Potential rebate & loan amount: up to

Window Prices By Location

The location of the windows is an important factor to consider when calculating the cost, and here’s why.

Window location within your home affects the cost of a single unit and its installation. In one room, you’ll install a window with an opening mechanism, which is more expensive, while in another, you’ll need just a fixed one. It can be a mid-size window in the bedroom, and in the living room, there are often large sets with picture windows, which will immediately increase the cost.

There is a good way to calculate how location affects the cost. Consider your living room window size to be 100%. The average kitchen window will be then about 60%, and the bedroom one will be 33% of this size.

In the table below, we’ve listed the average price of windows in Ottawa in 2022, depending on their location in your house.

Basement $535 – $1,022 $471 – $1,114 $394 – $1,057 n\a $395 – $1,651 $315 – $1,518 n\a
Bathroom $446 – $1,032 $432 – $943 $394 – $1,033 $95 – $1,500 $542 – $643 $388 – $1,242 n\a
Bedroom $444 – $1,193 $893 – $909 $437 – $1,521 $587 – $2,115 $668 – $1,230 $226 – $2,324 $1,747 – $2,882
Bonus room $676 – $1,134 $494 – $944 $820 – $1,248 $634 – $1,374 $708 – $1,116 $420 – $2,305 n\a
Dining room $550 – $1,348 $843 – $1,429 $669 – $1,957 $529 – $1,466 $690 – $905 $316 – $2,072 $1,600 – $3,879
Family room $605 – $1,999 $621 – $1,157 $490 – $1,131 $569 – $1,155 $672 – $1,986 $354 – $2,661 $1,631 – $3,032
Foyer $858 – $1,999 n\a $465 – $778 $500 – $854 $607 – $2,097 $338 – $1,552 n\a
Front $583 – $1,014 $483 – $1,414 $785 – $968 $510 – $925 n\a $359 – $2,933 n\a
Garage n\a $703 – $902 $391 – $1,085 $588 – $732 n\a $334 – $1,536 n\a
Kitchen $329 – $1,356 $419 – $1,471 $394 – $1,595 $445 – $304 $234 – $1,741 $202 – $2,179 $1,681 – $2,862
Living room $484 – $1,614 $485 – $1,384 $433 – $2,327 $429 – $1,614 $406 – $2,766 $226 – $2,898 $1,640 – $4,427
Master bedroom $545 – $1,304 $588 – $1,120 $452 – $1,810 n\a $464 – $1,030 $335 – $2,370 $1,568 – $3,437
Nook $549 – $1,149 $734 – $920 $658 – $1,142 $473 – $1,186 $668 – $777 $337 – $2,440 $1,395 – $3,083

Window Prices By Style

The cost of windows directly depends on their type, as cost of replacement exterior doors in Ottawa. Different types of windows have different performance and functionality and, therefore, have vastly different price tags.

  • Hung (both single and double), fixed, and sliding windows are comparable in price depending on the size.
  • Crank windows (casement and awning) are more expensive because they are more energy-efficient. They feature compression seals, which align the frame edge with the moving sash. These compression seals evenly fill the gap between the sash and the frame, providing tightness and preventing air leakage. 
  • Bay and bow windows require certain renovation works to be installed, adding to the overall cost.

Here you can check out the average window replacement cost in Ottawa depending on the type of windows:

NB: The price shown is for a standard-sized double-glazed window

Window Type Price Range
Awning window $455 – $800
Casement window $565 – $920
Hung window $400 – $755
Fixed window $350 – $705
Slider window $310 – $665

Also, you need to consider the type of glazing. Double glazing is considered standard for all windows. More energy-efficient triple-glazed windows have higher prices in Ottawa.

No matter what type of windows you choose, make sure they are ENERGY STAR-rated. This ensures your new windows perform well in Ottawa’s climate. This also guarantees they are manufactured to international standards and meet all requirements. Low-cost and low-quality windows just won’t provide you with a sufficient level of performance.

Ecoline can proudly say that we offer Energy Star-rated and NAFS-11 tested windows.

Window Prices By Size

The size of the window is what directly affects the replacement price. The cost of windows with larger panes is usually higher.

The size of the windows you choose will depend on the size of the existing openings. Each window has an average price range, from a small unit to a large one:

NB: The prices given in the table are approximate

$400 – $920 $550 – $1,150 $1,150 – $2,000 $2,000 – $3,800XL

The Type of Installation

The type of installation is another factor that influences the cost of window replacement in Ottawa. Basically, your home has two options: a full-frame installation and a retrofit. On average, a full-frame window installation is going to be 20% more expensive.

  • During a retrofit installation, the old frame remains in place, and the new window is inserted into the existing opening. 
  • During a full-frame installation, expert installers take down both the window itself and the wall structures around it. This ensures that any damage and rot inside the old window frame are removed, and the rough opening is carefully prepared. Full-frame window installation involves more work and solves the moisture problem, so it costs more.

Which option to choose? Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of your preference. It depends entirely on the condition of your existing window frames and the walls around them. A retrofit window replacement is not recommended for most older homes in Ottawa due to potential moisture and mould damage.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners know the difference between the two types of installation. Keep in mind that unscrupulous companies in Ottawa can deceive you and take the cost of a full-frame installation for a retrofit replacement.

In a full-frame installation, the old window gets removed down to the studs
In a retrofit installation, new windows are inserted into your existing frames.

Window Replacement Cost Estimator

To find out how much your window replacement project in Ottawa will cost, you can use our online price calculator. Choose a location or style of windows, size range, and type of glazing and get your best price. This will help you understand how much to budget for new windows.

Potential rebate & loan amount: up to

You can also contact us and request a free quote by providing the details of your replacement project.

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How much do windows cost in Ottawa?

The window price varies depending on the window type. On average, you can expect to pay $560-$900 for a casement window, $450-$800 for an awning window, $400-$750 for a hung window, and $300-$650 for a sliding window.

How much should I pay for a new window?

Various factors affect the window cost: installation type, window size and style, and type of glazing. To find an approximate cost of a new window, you can use our online price calculator or request a free quote.

How much are windows for a 2000 sq ft home?

The price of window replacement will directly depend on the number of windows, their type and size, and the type of installation (full-frame or retrofit). On average, expect to pay $400-$920 for a small window, $550-$1,150 for a medium window, and $1,150-$2,000 for a large one.