More and more window companies today are moving toward offering their services on the web. It has become increasingly easier to find and pick from a handful of local renovation companies without getting off your couch. Just like buying electronics or anything else, you can now buy vinyl windows with a click of a button.

That also means window companies have invested more effort into being discoverable online. But how do you know if a window company you found on the web is trustworthy?

In Canada, is considered one of the most comprehensive rating websites for any construction or renovation job. Another useful Canadian tool for finding out about a company’s business practices is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) portal. The BBB allows customers to publicly voice their concerns when they feel a contractor’s work fell short of expectation. Both Homestars and BBB have become leaders at what they do because they have allowed real people to have their say about the experience. More importantly, and beneficially to you as a customer, they have allowed companies to engage in a dialog with clients and follow-up on customer concerns.


So what exactly does a company have to get an excellent grade in the online world?

Here are the top 10 things vinyl window companies do well to score the highest ratings:

    1. Process the customer’s initial inquiry professionally and clarify any questions customer has about the company.
    2. Be prompt and courteous.
    3. Answer all the questions a customer has and be able to provide correct information.
    4. Complete all paperwork in a timely fashion and make sure the customer is 100% clear on their order, and any language they may not understand.
    5. Set realistic timelines for how long the order will take to be manufactured, shipped, and installed.
    6. Schedule a timely installation date, and explain installation procedures to the customer.
    7. The company’s installers complete the job as outlined in the contract and to customer’s satisfaction.
    8. The installers clean up after themselves and leave the house in the same or better condition than when they arrived.
    9. Complete any outstanding service requests and process warranty paperwork.
    10. Follow up to make sure the customer is happy with the work.

If some of these points seem really simple and common sense, that’s because they are!

Often the best companies aren’t the ones that go above and beyond what a customer had imagined, but ones that do what is expected of them consistently.

Getting excellent online reviews shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, you should be wary of companies that don’t score higher than 90% on online review sites. Usually, if you read through the concerns previous clients have voiced, you will begin to notice that a specific business is falling short on the same things again and again.

Be wary of false online reviews. Some companies invest a lot of time into padding their stats online. Others spend that time making sure the customer is satisfied.

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