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    Cellular Shades

    • Match almost any interior
    • Easy to operate
    • Superior light control
    • Great insulating properties

    Typical price range ~ $119 – $2740

    Roller Shade

    • Fit any design
    • Easy to operate
    • Great for privacy
    • Effortless to clean
    • Different colours (250+) and patterns

    Typical price range ~ $88 – $2289

    Dual Shades

    • Excellent light control
    • Stylish look
    • Special translucent fabric

    Typical price range ~ $166 – $2614

    Roman Shades

    • Traditional style
    • Match any design
    • Ultimate light control
    • Custom shades available

    Typical price range ~ $236 – $3426

    Pleated Shades

    • Superb light control
    • 100 colours and patterns available
    • Easy to clean

    Typical price range ~ $109 – $1790

    Sunset Shades

    • Great look
    • High energy-efficiency
    • Amazing light control
    • Custom shades

    Typical price range ~ $241– $2719

    Vertical Shades

    • Elegant design
    • Light and privacy control
    • Perfect for Large Windows, Patio & French

    Typical price range ~ $490 – $1975

    Eleganza Sheer

    • Ultimate control over light
    • Great for privacy
    • Perfet for Patio & Large windows

    Typical price range ~ $401 – $1692

    Panel Tracks

    • Perfect match for Large windows & Patio
    • Super verstile
    • Incredibly effecitve at blocking light

    Typical price range ~ $211 – $3429

    Wood Blinds

    • Stylish look
    • Extremely durable
    • Safe for kids
    • Great light control

    Typical price range ~ $163 – $1919

    Faux Wood

    • Super durable
    • High moisture resistance
    • Perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms

    Typical price range ~ $111 – $1109

    PVC Vertical

    • Traditional look
    • Long-lasting materials
    • Ideal for Sliding windows & Patio
    • Easy maintenance

    Typical price range ~ $139 – $1637

    Wood Shutters

    • Classic look
    • Excellent noise reduction
    • Increase house value

    Typical price range ~ $223 – $5077

    Vinyl Shutters

    • Durable vinyl materials
    • A wide range of colours and patterns
    • Easy to operate

    Typical price range ~ $223 – $4453

    Motorized Blinds

    • Remote control
    • Easy connection to Alexa & smart devices
    • Perfect privacy & light control
    • Easy to operate

    Typical price range ~ $373

    Window Coverings Installation


    so, you’ve decided to replace your old window coverings!


    you look for window coverings and set up consultations. Remember, it’s not about how many quotes you get, but educating yourself on the product.


    a product consultant visits you at your house and answers any questions you have. At this point you should get an accurate quote.


    remember to discuss deadlines, deliverables, and any other questions you can come up with. This is also typically when a company will collect the down payment.


    your contract is submitted for processing. Within a day an installer is assigned to your project, and a precise measurement is scheduled for your window coverings.


    the measurement is submitted to the order desk, where it is verified and processed for manufacturing.


    The factory receives the order form and begins manufacturing your window coverings order.


    after your windows are manufactured they are shipped to a local warehouse facility.


    as soon as the windows arrive in the warehouse an installation time is scheduled at a convenient date for you.


    the installer delivers and replaces your window coverings. Our installers will address any installation concerns you have and always clean up after themselves.


    At the end of the installation your installer will go over window coverings operation, ensure you are satisfied with the work, and collect the remaining balance.

    12 SERVICE

    if you require any additional service, or if you think something has gone wrong with your windows coverings, a customer service technician is always available to address any needs or questions you have.

    4 Facts About Ecoline Windows Company:

    Over 10 years of experience

    Over 40,000 installations




    1. Open and close your shades with our innovative cordless system.
    2. Available for Roller shade, dual shades, cellular shades, wood & faux wood blinds.
    child save window

    Child-safe options

    1. Child safe mechanism that eliminates the use of cords and chains.
    2. Available for dual shades, sunset shades, roller shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, and roman shades.

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