Have you ever moved a piece of furniture and realized that part of it has been damaged by exposure to sunlight?

Or maybe you have posters that are looking faded after hanging on your walls for a while. Perhaps some of your wood furniture has rings where an object was and protected the small area from sun damage, or your leather furniture is getting lighter and drying out. Either way, there are many ways that unprotected exposure to the sun is damaging to the items that you hold dear within your home.


A surefire way to enhance the protection of your things is to take a look at the locations of these items in your home. Some rooms in your house undoubtedly have more sun exposure than others. Southern facing rooms will get the low hanging sun shining into them, and East and West facing rooms will daily get exposure to the sun as it treks across the sky. It is important to consider the locations of the items in these rooms so you can protect them from the sun’s damaging rays. It is also important to move your furniture around in rooms that do get a lot of sun exposure so they don’t get bleached by the sun more in one area than another.

One good way to add protection is to replace your older windows with new Canadian windows. This way you can put windows that function best for the different locations they will be in around your home. Our previous post details a little more why you want to put windows with different solar heat gain properties in different rooms depending on sun exposure. For example, in Southern facing rooms you will want to put in new units that have a higher solar heat gain properties, while in Eastern and Western facing rooms you will want ones wil lower heat gain properties.



Another way you can add protection from the sun to your home when installing new custom windows is by getting windows with Low-E coating. Not only is Low-E good for adding insulation to your windows and home, but because it filters out harmful UV rays and reduces solar heat gain, it protects the items inside your home even better from harmful sun damage. Low-e is a coating that is put onto the panes of the glass of the windows and is a thin metallic layer that allows for short-wave solar energy to filter through while also keeping long-wave infrared energy out. This way you get more solar energy into the house while keeping the heat out. Getting Low-E coatings put onto your order of windows is a good idea if you are looking both for protection from the sun, and for adding insulation to your home.

If you are worried about your favorite posters and pictures getting washed out from the sun, or perhaps you would like to keep your investment in your furniture in paint looking good and new as long as possible, it is a good idea to take a look at the windows currently in your home. Not only are they a good investment for keeping your home itself in tip top shape, but by customizing them with the amount of sun they will be exposed to in mind, you can keep everything inside the home looking the way you like as well.

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