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    Getting a Window Quote in 2024: How FREE In-Home Appointments Work

    May 21, 2024

    May 21, 2024

    5 min read


    If you’re like most people, chances are you’re rarely, if ever, excited to have strangers at your door trying to sell you something. It is no different when it comes to home renovations or getting window prices. The reality is that the salesman trying to engage you is very much aware of that.

    But when the time comes, and you need someone to give an estimate or get answers to some questions, the process doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating. This post will explain what you can expect from a free in-home consultation and what questions to clarify before signing a windows replacement contract.

    Getting a Quote During Windows Appointments: Stages Involved

    Today’s project consultants are just as well versed in sales tactics as they are in technical information about replacements. While different companies use methods that work best for their businesses, there are certain aspects of a consultation appointment that you should expect.

    Hopefully, if you familiarise yourself with some of these you’ll be more prepared and get the most out of your free estimate appointment. So be ready to receive a thorough presentation as well as clarify all the questions you have during this meeting.

    The Measurement

    All consultation appointments involve a measurement. However, it is good to remember that size isn’t the most significant determining factor in the final price of your windows. Other factors, such as house structure, window style (i.e. casement, slider), and aesthetic finishes, contribute greatly to the final price of the replacement project.

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    The measurement is also when the consultant inspects and analyses all these factors. Having someone physically visit the house helps with any custom options you may want and allows for a more accurate quote. Most customers don’t consider it, but this is also a good time for the consultant to ask the homeowner all relevant questions. A good project consultant will have as many things to ask you as you do from them.

    If you are still unsure whether you want to invite a project consultant to your home and need an approximate price range for your project, make use of our window replacement calculator online to find out window prices for popular window styles based on some crucial factors such as glazing, location, size and colour. For a more accurate quote, contact us to discuss your project details.

    Free Home Windows Appointment: Service Questions

    This is your chance to get educated in the world of replacement windows. Just like in elementary school, there is no such thing as a dumb question. You will certainly come up with a lot of questions throughout the appointment, but consider preparing some in advance. This will not only show that you’re serious but will also help you test how knowledgeable your consultant really is.

    Don’t be afraid to ask to see a contract, and have the representative answer questions about the fine print you don’t understand. Knowing exactly what you’re signing is the first step to getting exactly what you want.

    Replacement Solutions & Products Showcase

    In this stage of your appointment, the consultant will address any concerns you have raised, ensuring you understand how their company operates and the specifics of what they do. This is particularly crucial when the consultant visits your home, as it allows them to tailor solutions and processes to your project, considering your unique requirements or vision for your home design.

    At Ecoline Windows, we emphasise the importance of this personal approach by always arriving with product examples. It’s a crucial part of our service, ensuring that what you see is exactly what you get, and we encourage you to ask questions and explore the products to your satisfaction.

    If you want to explore the full range of our windows and doors, we are happy to invite you to our showrooms across Canada.

    Window Appointment: Prices Presentation

    This can sometimes be the least fun part of the consultation. But it doesn’t have to be. A good consultant will be able to not only put together a comprehensive quote but also explain how a specific price was reached. Think of windows as a long-term investment when you receive a quote. Stemming from that notion, ask how the quote encompasses not only your immediate needs but also the long-term well-being of your home.

    Sales appointments can be discomforting, but the more you know, the higher the chances you’ll get not only what you want, but also a better a price on your project. Below you can see an approximate price range for popular window styles and their potential replacement location in your house. Note that these costs are only approximate and relevant as of 2024. To get a free detailed quote, please contact Ecoline in your city.

    LocationCasementAwningSingle SliderHungFixedPicture
    Basement $810 - $1,877 $126 - $1,194 $123 - $ 2,105 $972 - $1,175 $672 - $891 $145 - $2,749
    Bathroom $420 - $2,671 $442 - $2,349 $336 - $2,510 $470 - $1,885 $734 - $1,037 $274 - $2,420
    Bedroom $289 - $2,115 $818 - $2,014 $183 - $3,136 $440 - $2,435 $402 - $1,552 $339 - $2,805
    Bonus room $658 - $1,501 $873 - $1,373 $473 - $2,186 $495 - $1,359 $446 - $1,262 $434 - $3,030
    Dining room $506 - $2,186 $291 - $2,181 $554 - $2,655 $178 - $2,307 $852 - $2,001 $126 - $3,508
    Family room $506 - $2,051 $486 - $1,752 $374 - $2,441 $335 - $1,899 $342 - $1,324 $271 - $3,596
    Foyer $1,042 - $1,720 $1,135 - $1,336 $875 - $2,201 $656 - $1,397 $904 - $1,754 $407 - $2,709
    Front $981 - $1,535 $327 - $1,390 $231 - $2,150 $901 - $1,998 $ 797 $ 1,317 $238 - $2,923
    Kitchen $119 - $2,124 $404 - $2,406 $494 - $2,719 $391 - $2,467 $ 528 $ 1,722 $107 - $4,948
    Living room $319 - $1,929 $547 - $1,896 $203 - $2,529 $750 - $2,055 $ 507 $ 2,801 $680 - $4,527
    Master bedroom $493 - $1,987 $292 - $2,008 $422 - $2,826 $340 - $2,702 $ 402 $ 1,884 $278 - $3,644
    Nook $521 - $1,540 $981 - $1,736 $888 - $3,034 $502 - $1,610 $ 1,726 $244 - $3,254

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    How is the window price determined during the home consultation?

    The price is based on several factors, including window size, type, aesthetic finishes, and your home’s structure. Your window company representative will explain how these factors contribute to the final quote.

    What should I ask during the consultation?

    Prepare questions about the products and replacement contract details. Inquire about window prices, energy ratings, and the company’s experience in handling your project. This will help you understand what you’re getting and the expected budget to allocate.