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    Window Prices in Edmonton: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

    May 21, 2024

    May 21, 2024

    9 min read


    Whether in good or bad economic times, there is still one main question that all homeowners ask when considering a window replacement: “how much is this going to cost me?”

    And while we often suggest that price shouldn’t be the main driving factor in the decision to get new windows, or which windows to get, there is no denying that it is very important.

    So, how much should you be paying for new windows in Edmonton? Let’s find out.

    Window Replacement Cost In Edmonton: What Makes It?

    When considering installing new windows in Edmonton, it’s crucial to know that a lot of factors influence the final quote you get from a window replacement company. The cost of window replacement is not just a matter of picking a style and size; it’s a complex calculation that includes various elements:

    • Size. The larger windows generally require more materials and labour, increasing the price.
    • Glazing. Options like double, triple-pane or energy-efficient coatings can affect the price, but they offer better insulation and long-term savings on energy bills.
    • Energy-efficient features. Gas fills (Argon/Krypton), LoE coatings, weatherstripping can increase the price but offer better energy efficiency and comfort. 
    • Style. Casement, awning, picture, or maybe sliding windows, depending on what works best for your house, the price can be different based on the window style, its glass area and other features.
    • Window frame. Whether it’s vinyl, wood, fibreglass, or aluminum – it also impacts the overall cost, each bringing its own benefits and aesthetic appeal.

    The Average Cost to Replace Windows in Edmonton

    As stated earlier, the precise quote will depend on multiple factors such as the condition of your house, the old windows you currently have, sizes, glazing, window styles, etc. But there are some general guidelines for cost of window replacement in Edmonton in 2024:

    StyleSmall Triple GlassMedium Triple GlassLarge Triple Glass
    AWNING $ 407 - $ 1,342 $ 108 - $ 2,181 n/a
    CASEMENT $ 529 - $ 1,919 $ 850 - $ 1,767 n/a
    CASEMENT - FIXED CASEMENT(Fixed) $ 731 $ 795 - $ 2,222 $ 2,320
    CASEMENT - PICTURE $ 1,265 - $ 1,325 $ 342 - $ 2,566 $ 1,774 - $ 4,163
    DOUBLE HUNG $ 559 - $ 1,163 $ 1,213 n/a
    FIXED CASEMENT(Fixed) $ 377 - $ 1,033 $ 1,016 - $ 1,998 $ 1,562 - $ 2,801
    PICTURE $ 86 - $ 1,918 $ 183 - $ 2,473 $ 971 - $ 3,336
    PICTURE - PICTUREn/a $ 1,103 - $ 2,112 $ 905 - $ 3,487
    SINGLE HUNG $ 397 - $ 1,271 $ 199 - $ 1,889 n/a
    SINGLE SLIDER - LIFT OUT $ 721 - $ 938 $ 550 - $ 2,053 n/a
    SINGLE SLIDER - TILT $ 123 - $ 1,208 $ 122 - $ 2,259 n/a

    *Please note that the price shown is for different triple-glazed window styles of standard small, medium and large sizes. All prices are given as of 2024.

    As you can see, there is a big gap between some of these ranges. The size of the window definitely plays a role in how windows are priced, and location matters too. Thus, a kitchen window is usually smaller than a living room window, so it will be less expensive. Basement windows should comply with the Edmonton building code requirements, and must have certain dimensions, which will determine their replacement cost.

    At Ecoline Windows, you can find out how much it will cost you to replace windows in Edmonton with our online cost estimator. Select your window style or location, size, and type of glazing and get an estimate for your window replacement project. You can also request a precise free quote from us by contacting our local team in Edmonton.

    What Adds to The Final Cost of New Windows in Edmonton?

    There are also other things that have an effect on the window replacement cost:

    • Think of your windows as a long-term investment. It may seem outright daunting when you have to spend thousands of dollars to replacement. But if you want your new windows to last around 25 years, the processes and components involved have to be of a certain quality standard. If you opt for cheap window replacement for your home, there is a risk that you will have to look for window repair services in Edmonton in a few years.
    • Installation type makes a difference. There are only two types of window installation: full-frame and retrofit. A full-frame installation is more thorough and is usually recommended for Edmonton residential replacement windows, but it can also cost up to 20% more. Remember, proper installation contributes a lot to the good performance and durability of your windows.
    • Window type matters. Edmonton customers and even window companies sometimes debate whether to get triple-pane or double-pane windows. What is more important, is that the windows you get are ENERGY STAR rated.

    It often happens that window companies in Edmonton offer windows for sale and lie about their rating. Unscrupulous suppliers may also try to make the customer believe that they don’t need windows that are high-rated. 

    The truth of the matter is, rated windows are much better and will last your house longer. Of course, they also cost more than the imitation. But in turn, you get the security of knowing that you paid for a quality product that was built in accordance with all standards and regulations.

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    Which Window Installation Type Is Right For Your Edmonton Home?

    There are two approaches to residential window replacement in Edmonton: a full-frame (brick to brick) and retrofit (insert) window installation. These installations differ in how thorough they are, and as a result, there is a price difference as well. On average, a full-frame window installation cost accounts to roughly 15-20% more than a retrofit. So which installation should you pick? In reality, you may not have much of a choice.

    • In a retrofit installation, the existing frame of the window remains intact. The old window sashes are removed and replaced with new sealed units. This installation type is not advisable if the wood framing around your windows has moisture or mold damage. Unfortunately, that is often the case with older prairie homes. In this case, a full-frame replacement is recommended. A retrofit will simply be a band-aid solution that will need to be remedied again when the frames fully rot out.
    • A full-frame replacement takes care of all the structural issues in the frame surrounding the window, that’s why such new window installation costs more than a typical retrofit. A good installer will fully remove the existing window, clear the opening and look out for signs of moisture damage. A new frame, window, jambs, and brickmoulds are then put in and sealed off from the elements. This makes sure that the window is protected and sealed from the outside and inside.

    Unfortunately, not all homeowners can recognize the difference between two installation types. Beware of Edmonton companies that will try to pass off a retrofit as a full-frame window replacement: they are charging double for half the work.

    In a full-frame installation, the old window gets removed down to the studs
    In a retrofit installation, new windows are inserted into your existing frames.

    Casement vs. Sliding Windows: What Model is Better in 2024?

    Just like there are two types of window installation, there are two main types of vinyl windows when it comes to pricing your replacement project in Edmonton: crank (casement or awning) and sliding or hung windows (single or double). Crank windows can cost up to 20% more than sliding ones. But why? The answer is simply that they are more efficient:

    • Modern crank windows use compression seals in the area where the moving sash meets the frame. These are areas where drafts and leaks are most likely to occur. A compression seal creates an airtight unit when the window is closed and prevents warm air from escaping your home.
    • Slider windows and old casement units rely on weather stripping, which is not as effective and, therefore, makes for a less efficient window.
    • Another advantage of crank windows, is the ease with which they can be opened and closed. Many people don’t consider it, but sashes in modern vinyl windows can get quite heavy, especially if it is a triple-pane unit. In sliding windows, you have to move the sash by hand, which can be difficult as is, and especially so if the window is in a harder-to-reach area over a sink.
    • Casement and awning windows rely on crank technology to move the sash. Crank windows require roughly 1/10th of the force to operate. Because you’re not pulling on the sash all the time, the window also won’t deform or bow as can sometimes happen with sliding windows.

    Check out these window comparisons:
    Casement Windows in Edmonton: A Comparison
    Slider Windows in Edmonton

    Here’s how the cost of window replacement varies depending on their type: 

    Window Type Price
    Awning window $649 – $1111
    Casement window $729 – $1191
    Hung window $612 – $1074
    Fixed window $534 – $996
    Slider window $627 – $1089

    NB: The price shown is for a standard-sized double-glazed window in 2024.

    The type of glazing also affects the house window prices. A triple pane window will be slightly more expensive than a double-glazed unit since it will be more energy efficient.

    If you really want value from your window replacement, and would like to ensure that windows actually add comfort to your Edmonton house, consider getting windows that are ENERGY STAR rated.

    You can find all companies whose windows are Energy Star rated on this Natural Resources Canada website.

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    Shopping for New Windows in Edmonton?

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    How much does it cost to replace a window in Edmonton?

    Windows prices vary depending on their type. On average, you can expect to pay $560-$900 for a casement window, $450-$800 for an awning window, $400-$750 for a hung window, and $300-$650 for a sliding window depending on their size. You can use our online price estimator or request a free quote to estimate your project cost.

    What is the average labour cost to install a replacement window?

    Labour and window installation costs largely depend on your home itself: its conditions, structure, and so on. The second important factor is the type of window installation, whether it is a retrofit or a full-frame installation (the latter is more expensive).

    Why are new windows so expensive?

    The cost of installing windows in Edmonton can be expensive due to the custom nature of windows and the complex installation. The type of glazing and energy-efficient coatings also affects the price of windows.